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More non- with just a teensy bit more action.

Content warning because of unclothed aliens. No bits shown.

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When there's a lot of perspective to do, I draw it digitally because the perspective tools of :krita: are preferable over all that fiddling with a ruler.

This time it took me more time than usual, and I didn't understand why. Until I discovered I had been working on a 600dpi scan instead of my usual 150dpi for pencils... /facepalm

Most of the detail eventually got lost in inking and behind text balloons. Still, it was rather fun to draw all those books and scrolls. :)

The non- story slowly continues with yet another talking heads page. Sorry.

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I decided to give the a try: .
I got sorted into the spice team... :)

The model of the pigeon loft I used as a help for the perspective in last week's and this week's page of my Per'Bat. Any tool is that gets the job done is a good tool. :)

Another non- page.

Content warning for a mention of death in the dialogue.

I'm wondering: I'm using "Tjäll" as a kind of futuristic, non-existing swear word. Does it need a CW as well, or is it only 'real' swearing that requires a content warning?

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It's finally time to officially announce #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 4! Submissions are open now until August 8th, the stories themselves are due on November 7th for a November 14th release! If you're a writer and/or artist and want to be featured, DM me with your ideas for stories or covers!
The rules are below, but just to be a bit more concise (these rules were made a year ago), just make sure your submissions don't violate the .ART CoC!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Next non- page.

Again a content warning for naked aliens, but no bits are shown.

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I am running out of variations on "another page for my non-". :)

Content warning for aliens with no clothes, showing a bare bottom. No bits shown.

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My non- continued.

Content warning for bare bottoms and breasts because these aliens haven't been introduced to clothes. No bits.

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Another page of my non- .

My apologies for the alt text in the previous episode: I mistakenly designated the Seventh of Security as the Fourth in the last panel.

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Oops, looks like I forgot to upload this non- page. :s

Content warning for more bare bums but no bits.

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I'm going to assemble my NaNoMangO comics into a minizine with :scribus: and stream it for the on in about 10 minutes. (10:30 GMT+2)

Another not- page.

Content warning for unclothed aliens. No bits are shown.

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Another page of not- .

Content warning for aliens without fashion industry. No bits shown.

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Someday I'd love to make a zine about historical games, along the lines of classical rick rolling. If you know of any please share!

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