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My non- continued.

Content warning for bare bottoms and breasts because these aliens haven't been introduced to clothes. No bits.

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Another page of my non- .

My apologies for the alt text in the previous episode: I mistakenly designated the Seventh of Security as the Fourth in the last panel.

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Oops, looks like I forgot to upload this non- page. :s

Content warning for more bare bums but no bits.

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I'm going to assemble my NaNoMangO comics into a minizine with :scribus: and stream it for the on in about 10 minutes. (10:30 GMT+2)

Another not- page.

Content warning for unclothed aliens. No bits are shown.

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Another page of not- .

Content warning for aliens without fashion industry. No bits shown.

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Someday I'd love to make a zine about historical games, along the lines of classical rick rolling. If you know of any please share!

I'm in need of some creative jumper cables.

Back in the days when the still lived a bit more, an intermediate edition happened in June. As good an excuse as any to pick up the where I left it. No promises on reaching 30 days or 30 pages, this time, though. Just trying to into a rhythm again.

Content Warning for a mention of food.

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A very hatchy page today. Thought the hatching looked neat without the lines.

#mastoArt #makingComics #BlackAndWhite

The paper edition of part 4 of my Per'Bat has hit the stores. Yay for my publisher !

It was the first time I prepared the documents for print on , so it was quite a relief to see it ended up as I intended.

:scribus: :krita: :inkscape:

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The ( is open for registrations! The first time was really nice. You can get a booth for free to advertise for your site or webshop, or pay for fancier booths and more exposure. There's events as well.

Last time was a really nice experience! (But booths were gone pretty fast.)

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Hoping this posts in the right order, and apologies for the state of the descriptive text because I'm not used to writing it for whole comic pages!

As previously stated, CW for tooth related body horror and a bit of blood!

#MastoArt #comics #TraditionalArt

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Choose Your Own Adventure – Derelict Spaceship

This is an interactive story which I'm making up as I go along! I'm keeping it all to this (mostly unlisted) thread, so feel free to follow it here if you want, or mute it now if you'd rather not see any of it. I'll add CWs if they become appropriate.

I have no plans for how this is going to work, so let's see where it goes. Feel free to join in or step out as and when you like!

Artwork: Igor Vitkovskiy

I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)


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Here it is! #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 3 is out, and just in time, too!
Featuring the work of
@david_a_webcomic (myself)
So check it out!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

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