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In real life and the , opponents don't wait for the ready check. :)

CW for fighting and aliens that don't do clothes. No bits are shown.

Day 25, page 25 of the ...

CW because of tiny but still unclothed aliens.

The for today. Still on track *grin*, although it's beginning to weigh...

Today's .
With a CW for the aliens who still don't do clothes. The environment is keeping it polite, though.

I had time to research trinkets for high magnetic fields, or I had time to draw today's .
So I drew a page. I hope it sounds technobabble enough. :)

I'm a bit... grmbl. Some browsers seem to eat part of the alt text. I admit, it's always quite a text, but it's a comic page, you know. I hope screen readers don't get partial descriptions... :s

Halfway through the and still on track. Yay!

CW for aliens that don't do clothes, no naughty bits shown.

CW for violence and an alien species that doesn't do clothes.

Nothing naughty is shown. (I'm going to have fun in future pages with carefully designing poses and positioning pieces of the surroundings so that it keeps that way. :) )

In today's , I present to you: the perfect way of never drawing a thumb on the wrong side of the hand. *grin*

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here's the art from the last one, since it's been a couple of months now. we started with an (imminent) bang

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The positive thing about the is that you'll only have to wait until tomorrow - if all goes well - to get this little cliff hanger resolved. ;)

CW for a character interpreting a statement as racist. (Against sci-fi alien races.)

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nudity, nightmare creature 

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