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Yesterday I uploaded a new page for my after a hiatus of over a month. (Shame on me. :s)

It feels good to be back in the flow.

O, polls! :D Let's give this a spin. *grin*


Allrighty, my contribution for is done. :D I'm going to leave it be for a week so I can have a fresh look for the small mistakes before sending it in.

@Rheall I dreamt I saw @Aila . And I must say, :ailapup: is as adorable in dream land as in the pictures. :)

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@yncke I haven't really finished some of the notes but here:

1. tectonic plates to offer some explanation of mountain ranges + lattitude lines to keep track of climate. in general the planet i have in mind is much more wide around the middle than earth. a bit more pumpkin shaped.
2. a kind of map of global air currents, which actually is informed by the map instead of the reverse. useful for tradewinds/determining where tropical storms might be
3. my original map! made w/ inkarnate

I've finished inking page 5 of 6 for my contribution to .

Here's a non-spoiler piece of the sketch that turned out quiet nice, in my opinion. :)

An eyeopener - for me - from Scott McCloud's "Making comics" : you can have complex backgrounds and simple characters. (He uses "Bone" as a reference, if I remember correctly.)

So I stopped worrying about keeping foreground and background in the same style, and
discovered that a detailed background once in a while helps to establish things better in my head.

*checks off an item on the TODO list* Now I can get started on my contribution to for real! (Yay!)

Here's the first draft of the thumbs for the first three pages.

Rough Sketchup model to help me with setting up the perspective for some upcoming scenes.

Discovering this :ailapup: is an emoticon made me smile. Thank you to whoever made it. :)

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Any digital comic creators want to work together on Free Comic Book Day?

I can provide free space on Libreture to promote, maybe work out a discount for comic fans, give you a space to host downloads of your comics, and anything else you think would work.

No costs or anything. I want to help and support comic creators.


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The - for a lack of a better word - thumbs for the next two pages of my webcomic. Writing the dialogue is entangled with making the layout in my process...

They're really not as cleanly structured as @nebulos's or @Rheall 's, but it works for me. :)

I sometimes think the trickiest part about the is to switch back to fantasy in Dutch after a pretty intense month of sci-fi in English...


I'm an amateur who makes a fantasy ( which I attempt to update every Wednesday. (Although I must admit I tend to run behind with the English translations. Also, I know it's high time to drag that site into the century of the fruit bat. :s)

Besides that, when time permits, I enjoy giving the a try with a sci-fi .

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