September smells of hops.

The smell of the freshly harvested, drying hops mixes with the chilly morning fog, it mixes with the low angled sunshine in the evening, it mixes with the sound of falling pears in the night...

Hops in September, I like that smell.


No, please. I like the smell of September.


That's also my year round approach. :)

I feel that an important difference between NaNoMangO and 4thQuarterComics is that the 30 pages style NaNoMangO doesn't aim for finished pages or thought through scenario's. It's more like how sketching relates to making a finished drawing.

It's a very different kind of "fun through making comics". :)

@Reinderdijkhuis @comicsbyemily @reinderdijkhuis

I'll add the tag to my filter. :)

Though if I do it again, I'll stick with the . It's a format that works for me.

Félicitations! :) C'est une belle émission.

My site at yncke.be now has an feed for the updates of the comics! Yay!
(And also: about time. :/)

: I've expanded the comic generator for (gitlab.com/Yncke/jekyll-webcom) for this. The feed itself is generated by jekyll-feed. Because of github.com/jekyll/jekyll-feed/ it can't be used to make a combined feed of news posts and updates, though. :(

Another non- page.

Content warning for naked aliens, no bits shown, and injuries.

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This may not be the most credible page of the story, but even though I'm not following the pacing of the , I am following the "go with the first idea I get for the next page" principle of the thing.

Besides. I really enjoyed drawing this sequence. *grin*

Content warning for injury with blood, naked aliens without bits shown and bad language.

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Page 60 of this episode. I guess it's a good thing I didn't continue this as a regular .
I probably could have wrapped it up towards an intermediate end here, but I doubt I'd then have enough story left for another 30 pages.

Content warning for injury with blood.

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I'm not sure how to put the side texts in the telepathic messages into the image description. I hope this approach works.

Content warning for pain and injury with blood.


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Dream journal 

@nebulos Hydrocrystalophone is another name for the glass harmonica: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_ha .

So maybe you dream-designed a dry version of this?

I just finished reading the "The Night Belongs to Us" by @tnbtu and I really enjoyed it. The artwork conveys emotions really well. The pacing of the world building, action and character building is well matched.

And it has an RSS feed for updates! :)

Another page for my non-.

Content warning for injuries with blood and vomiting.

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I once went to a signing session by Lewis Trondheim, a very successful French comic artist. I asked him what he thought were the secrets of a good scenario. He said there were plenty, but he highlighted these:

- "Il faut s'amuser" : You have to have fun. That way, even if nobody else likes what you do, at least you had fun with it.
- "Il faut être sincère." : You have to be honest. Don't sell yourself out.

More non-

Content warning for injuries with blood and naked aliens without bits shown.

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I make the thumbnails for my comics as quickly drawn rectangles on paper. They're very rough, so I'm not sure if there would be value in doing it digitally.

Another reason is that I need a quiet mind space without distractions to do my thumbs, so paper and pencil suit me better for that.

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