Thanks for the article, it was a very interesting read. (Especially since I use the same tools.)

I'm afraid I disagree with the quote, though. Prepress and printing is a complicated topic, and I feel PDF does a pretty good job at trying to be a document format that encapsulates all info a printer needs. It's a publicly available standard, and with LittleCMS being a very good CMM, if FOSS isn't really there yet, I don't feel it gets to blame the industry. (In this case. :) )

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wip webcomic project:

"The Lost Things Club"
15 year old Tala runs away from home to prove she's worthy of joining witch captain Baba's desert pirate crew of lost children. Unfortunately, her little brother tagged along.

All of this takes place in a world where the ground is always flowing from one pole to the other, and other weirdness. #webcomic #wip #mastoart

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I assume being tagged means that I have to mention 3 things that aren't in my profile as well. :)

1. I'm a dog person.
2. My formal art education amounts to a whopping half day. :s
3. I'm not very good at talking about myself.

This update from Debian 9 to 10 is costing me so much time.

The update itself went perfectly fine.
But then I did an idle scroll through the games list. And then caught my eye. And then I remembered Tamriel Rebuilt. And then I looked that up. And I saw they had advanced so much compared to last time I checked it out.
And then....


I don't mind. :)

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I discovered a mistake in the writing system I made up for the civilization in the current scene. I'll have to recheck the writings in the background. Nobody will notice, but it will bug me to no end if I don't fix it...

I'm procrastinating on this page, and it's eating my buffer. :s
So, in an attempt to get out of procrastination mode, a screenshot of the current state of affairs...


Got my thumbs done for the second installment of Sarah Neslo for the . :)

I voted burr-ee, but it's a bit in the direction of bear-ee too.
I'm not native English, so I probably get to blame the Oxford English I learned at school. :)

Close your eyes, pick one at random, and challenge yourself. :)

Oh yes, A definitly stands.

But I'm glad there's so many people out there that use their out of their mindness to make webcomics. :)


- have no clue of when it's sensible to give up

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making a webcomic is easy, here's all the things you'll need:

- be out of your goddamn mind

yeah i'm still depressed about art fight 

@Rheall Sounds fine to me.
I like the way you're shaping this instance, it's a nice place to be.

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