Working on the pencils of "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" for the upcoming issue. That perspective tool is so handy!


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This issue propagate in ICC profiles and turns all noses to red! Many artists already infected! Read how I solved it here:
#krita #icc #PleaseShare

If you want to see how I edit the inked scan of a Per'Bat page into what I'll be putting online next Wednesday, I'll start streaming it here in a couple of minutes:


My weekly deadline of Wednesday new-page-day. It gives a rhythm to the comic making. Also, I know I'll have 52 pages done by the end of the year.

The is starting right now, with a well filled program:

If all goes well *touches wood*, I'll be live streaming tomorrow morning 11:00 GMT+2 on Looking forward to it. :)

Except, I just realised that next Sunday, that'll be GMT+2 ...

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All righty! I've got a 'booth' at the Stay Home Comic Con. :D

I'll do a live stream for the first time ever at 11 o'clock (GMT+1) next Sunday (working on my Per'Bat in ) and I'm already a bit nervous...

A free stay home comic con!

No idea what this will be, but it looks like this could be real fun, especially if you're a lover, a talent, an or lover.

I've got several web comics on my website: , most of them in English. The main one is Per'Bat, a story. The other long one is Travels of the Solar Wind ( ), my comic. But if you prefer short stories, there's a couple of them too.

@Anke @Nezchan

Half the fun of Dwarf Fortress is talking and reading about it. :)

I really enjoyed the read, especially the alien pathology talk.
Looking forward to what's coming.👍

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Welp, it's time to officially announce the contributors for #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 3!
Returning are:
@Nikolai_Kingsley (because I couldn't fit the entire story in one issue)
@david_a_webcomic (myself)

And newcomer
Those that haven't already finished their contributions, they're due by April 25th!

And for everyone else, be on the lookout on May 2nd (Free Comic Book Day, fittingly enough)!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

If it's the same glue we used as kids, I think its main quality was not its glueing ability, but that there was not much harm in licking the stuff off your fingers.


If they like making comics: is a really nice place to be.


Thank you for sharing, that was a very interesting read.

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Whoooohooooo! I ran a long experimentation and I finally have good colors! Here is the Book Production Report 3 article with the solution:
#krita #scribus


I feel the main thing is picking a good embark spot: water, not too cold nor too hot, plenty of wood and plants, no evil stuff, no aquifer, soil, ...

And making sure you can dig in, close all doors and wait out a siege. Goblins eventually get bored camping in front of a draw bridge. :)

@Rheall Maybe an emoji for ImageMagick would be a nice addition to the collection? O:-)

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Part 4 of my Per'Bat is off to the publisher. First time ever I made something print ready on Linux.

I've been impressed with how :krita: put thought in its choice of RGB profiles and its handling of CMYK, disappointed at how :inkscape: vectors and :scribus: don't play nice, and renewed in my love for the power of . :)

(The proof of the pudding is in the eating, of course. Fingers crossed the colours will turn out the way I intend them to.)

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