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Technobabble! You can't have sci-fi without it! :)

Oh well, I suppose you can, but this is *my* and I like technobabble.

More . I think I found a bit of character dynamics here. May come in useful along the road. :)

The is too fast to edit out how much I enjoy writing dialogues, I'm afraid.

Sometimes I think the main trick of doing the is adding a little cliff hanger at the end of the page so that your more immediate focus is to deal with that instead of the overarching story...

It's November, it's time! This is the first page of issue 3, what happened previously can be read here
: .

@OCRbot eng

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the June , but at least I'm ready for it: I've finally gotten around to bundling the three previous episodes which make up the second issue in one PDF to make it easier to read as a whole. :)

I sometimes think the trickiest part about the is to switch back to fantasy in Dutch after a pretty intense month of sci-fi in English...


I'm an amateur who makes a fantasy ( which I attempt to update every Wednesday. (Although I must admit I tend to run behind with the English translations. Also, I know it's high time to drag that site into the century of the fruit bat. :s)

Besides that, when time permits, I enjoy giving the a try with a sci-fi .

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