The model of the pigeon loft I used as a help for the perspective in last week's and this week's page of my Per'Bat. Any tool is that gets the job done is a good tool. :)

I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)


Working on the pencils of "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" for the upcoming issue. That perspective tool is so handy!


Ha. All caught up translating my . :) Sorry for the delay to those that read it in English...

Working on the cover of part 4 of my . Sometimes, achieving an effect boils down to finding a good podcast and a lot of repetitive work... :)



I discovered a mistake in the writing system I made up for the civilization in the current scene. I'll have to recheck the writings in the background. Nobody will notice, but it will bug me to no end if I don't fix it...

I'm procrastinating on this page, and it's eating my buffer. :s
So, in an attempt to get out of procrastination mode, a screenshot of the current state of affairs...


I've finished inking page 5 of 6 for my contribution to .

Here's a non-spoiler piece of the sketch that turned out quiet nice, in my opinion. :)

An eyeopener - for me - from Scott McCloud's "Making comics" : you can have complex backgrounds and simple characters. (He uses "Bone" as a reference, if I remember correctly.)

So I stopped worrying about keeping foreground and background in the same style, and
discovered that a detailed background once in a while helps to establish things better in my head.

*checks off an item on the TODO list* Now I can get started on my contribution to for real! (Yay!)

Here's the first draft of the thumbs for the first three pages.

Rough Sketchup model to help me with setting up the perspective for some upcoming scenes.


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