I'm procrastinating on this page, and it's eating my buffer. :s
So, in an attempt to get out of procrastination mode, a screenshot of the current state of affairs...


@David_A_Webcomic I'm not participating in the art fight but I felt like drawing your David. So, well, here he is. :)

:krita: 's perspective tools are great!

(This is a sketch for the page that will go online in two weeks. Normally I pencil on paper, but for things like this, Krita's just too handy.)

I got to draw the poster for the autumn edition of the Gentse Stripbeurs (Ghent comic fair). (Yay! :D) I'll be signing my Per'Bat (and the poster :) ) on the spring edition next week.

Coloured with :krita: , lettering with :inkscape: .

I promise you, Ohn Mar's name's on this list in today's page of my . :)

Little sneak peek for next Wednesday's page, because I'm pretty happy I persevered with those battlements. :)

I've finished inking page 5 of 6 for my contribution to .

Here's a non-spoiler piece of the sketch that turned out quiet nice, in my opinion. :)

*checks off an item on the TODO list* Now I can get started on my contribution to for real! (Yay!)

Here's the first draft of the thumbs for the first three pages.

Rough Sketchup model to help me with setting up the perspective for some upcoming scenes.

The - for a lack of a better word - thumbs for the next two pages of my webcomic. Writing the dialogue is entangled with making the layout in my process...

They're really not as cleanly structured as @nebulos's or @Rheall 's, but it works for me. :)


I'm an amateur who makes a fantasy (perbat.yncke.be) which I attempt to update every Wednesday. (Although I must admit I tend to run behind with the English translations. Also, I know it's high time to drag that site into the century of the fruit bat. :s)

Besides that, when time permits, I enjoy giving the a try with a sci-fi .


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