Another non- page.

Content warning for naked aliens, no bits shown, and injuries.

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This may not be the most credible page of the story, but even though I'm not following the pacing of the , I am following the "go with the first idea I get for the next page" principle of the thing.

Besides. I really enjoyed drawing this sequence. *grin*

Content warning for injury with blood, naked aliens without bits shown and bad language.

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Page 60 of this episode. I guess it's a good thing I didn't continue this as a regular .
I probably could have wrapped it up towards an intermediate end here, but I doubt I'd then have enough story left for another 30 pages.

Content warning for injury with blood.

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I'm not sure how to put the side texts in the telepathic messages into the image description. I hope this approach works.

Content warning for pain and injury with blood.


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Another page for my non-.

Content warning for injuries with blood and vomiting.

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More non-

Content warning for injuries with blood and naked aliens without bits shown.

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A bit more action in my non-.

Content warning for a remote depiction of an injury, nothing gory.

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More non- with just a teensy bit more action.

Content warning because of unclothed aliens. No bits shown.

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When there's a lot of perspective to do, I draw it digitally because the perspective tools of :krita: are preferable over all that fiddling with a ruler.

This time it took me more time than usual, and I didn't understand why. Until I discovered I had been working on a 600dpi scan instead of my usual 150dpi for pencils... /facepalm

Most of the detail eventually got lost in inking and behind text balloons. Still, it was rather fun to draw all those books and scrolls. :)

The non- story slowly continues with yet another talking heads page. Sorry.

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The model of the pigeon loft I used as a help for the perspective in last week's and this week's page of my Per'Bat. Any tool is that gets the job done is a good tool. :)

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