The model of the pigeon loft I used as a help for the perspective in last week's and this week's page of my Per'Bat. Any tool is that gets the job done is a good tool. :)

Another non- page.

Content warning for a mention of death in the dialogue.

I'm wondering: I'm using "Tjäll" as a kind of futuristic, non-existing swear word. Does it need a CW as well, or is it only 'real' swearing that requires a content warning?

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Next non- page.

Again a content warning for naked aliens, but no bits are shown.

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I am running out of variations on "another page for my non-". :)

Content warning for aliens with no clothes, showing a bare bottom. No bits shown.

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My non- continued.

Content warning for bare bottoms and breasts because these aliens haven't been introduced to clothes. No bits.

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Another page of my non- .

My apologies for the alt text in the previous episode: I mistakenly designated the Seventh of Security as the Fourth in the last panel.

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Oops, looks like I forgot to upload this non- page. :s

Content warning for more bare bums but no bits.

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Another not- page.

Content warning for unclothed aliens. No bits are shown.

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Another page of not- .

Content warning for aliens without fashion industry. No bits shown.

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I'm in need of some creative jumper cables.

Back in the days when the still lived a bit more, an intermediate edition happened in June. As good an excuse as any to pick up the where I left it. No promises on reaching 30 days or 30 pages, this time, though. Just trying to into a rhythm again.

Content Warning for a mention of food.

The paper edition of part 4 of my Per'Bat has hit the stores. Yay for my publisher !

It was the first time I prepared the documents for print on , so it was quite a relief to see it ended up as I intended.

:scribus: :krita: :inkscape:

I couldn't resist turning this tweet into a :
It was as good an excuse as any to experiment with the comics brush set. :)


Working on the pencils of "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" for the upcoming issue. That perspective tool is so handy!


The is starting right now, with a well filled program:

If all goes well *touches wood*, I'll be live streaming tomorrow morning 11:00 GMT+2 on Looking forward to it. :)

Working on the cover of part 4 of my . Sometimes, achieving an effect boils down to finding a good podcast and a lot of repetitive work... :)


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