I'm in need of some creative jumper cables.

Back in the days when the still lived a bit more, an intermediate edition happened in June. As good an excuse as any to pick up the where I left it. No promises on reaching 30 days or 30 pages, this time, though. Just trying to into a rhythm again.

Content Warning for a mention of food.

Another page of not- .

Content warning for aliens without fashion industry. No bits shown.

Another not- page.

Content warning for unclothed aliens. No bits are shown.

Oops, looks like I forgot to upload this non- page. :s

Content warning for more bare bums but no bits.

Another page of my non- .

My apologies for the alt text in the previous episode: I mistakenly designated the Seventh of Security as the Fourth in the last panel.

My non- continued.

Content warning for bare bottoms and breasts because these aliens haven't been introduced to clothes. No bits.

I am running out of variations on "another page for my non-". :)

Content warning for aliens with no clothes, showing a bare bottom. No bits shown.

Next non- page.

Again a content warning for naked aliens, but no bits are shown.

Another non- page.

Content warning for a mention of death in the dialogue.

I'm wondering: I'm using "Tjäll" as a kind of futuristic, non-existing swear word. Does it need a CW as well, or is it only 'real' swearing that requires a content warning?

The non- story slowly continues with yet another talking heads page. Sorry.

More non- with just a teensy bit more action.

Content warning because of unclothed aliens. No bits shown.

A bit more action in my non-.

Content warning for a remote depiction of an injury, nothing gory.

Some more action for the non-

Content warning for an injury with blood.

More non-

Content warning for injuries with blood and naked aliens without bits shown.

Another page for my non-.

Content warning for injuries with blood and vomiting.

I'm not sure how to put the side texts in the telepathic messages into the image description. I hope this approach works.

Content warning for pain and injury with blood.


Page 60 of this episode. I guess it's a good thing I didn't continue this as a regular .
I probably could have wrapped it up towards an intermediate end here, but I doubt I'd then have enough story left for another 30 pages.

Content warning for injury with blood.

This may not be the most credible page of the story, but even though I'm not following the pacing of the , I am following the "go with the first idea I get for the next page" principle of the thing.

Besides. I really enjoyed drawing this sequence. *grin*

Content warning for injury with blood, naked aliens without bits shown and bad language.

Another non- page.

Content warning for naked aliens, no bits shown, and injuries.

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