The paper edition of part 4 of my Per'Bat has hit the stores. Yay for my publisher !

It was the first time I prepared the documents for print on , so it was quite a relief to see it ended up as I intended.

:scribus: :krita: :inkscape:

@yncke hello, how can you make such Inkscape emoticon? I tried to type :inkscape: (coloninkscapecolon) but it doesn't make it. Also, on my emoticon selector, there is no Inkscape choice even though there is GIMP. However, I never used emoticon before. Could you please help me? Thank you in advance.

Indeed, I type :inkscape: (coloninkscapecolon) and there it is. However, I think which emoticons you can use depend on which instance you're on.

If I'm not mistaken, @CampCounselor made the inkscape one on If they give permission, perhaps @downey can add the icon to so that you can use it too.

@yncke amazing reply! Now I understand the technical aspect of Mastodon one more. Thanks for mentioning my instance master too.

@downey ah, it works! Now I can make :inkscape: (coloninkscapecolon) on Mastodon. Thank you sir admin @downey for you fast response. @CampCounselor

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