I got to draw the poster for the autumn edition of the Gentse Stripbeurs (Ghent comic fair). (Yay! :D) I'll be signing my Per'Bat (and the poster :) ) on the spring edition next week.

Coloured with :krita: , lettering with :inkscape: .

@yncke This looks great. I've never heard of anybody who uses inkscape to letter. Why did you choose that over Krita or GIMP?

I've been constantly frustrated with my digital lettering attempts with both Krita and GIMP, so I'm looking for another option.

@duck_dodgers I just like the way the calligraphy tool behaves. (I put a grid with lines on a layer underneath as a guide.)

Also, because it's vector, I can scale it as big or as small as needed and still keep it looking sharp.

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