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This update from Debian 9 to 10 is costing me so much time.

The update itself went perfectly fine.
But then I did an idle scroll through the games list. And then caught my eye. And then I remembered Tamriel Rebuilt. And then I looked that up. And I saw they had advanced so much compared to last time I checked it out.
And then....


I don't mind. :)

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I discovered a mistake in the writing system I made up for the civilization in the current scene. I'll have to recheck the writings in the background. Nobody will notice, but it will bug me to no end if I don't fix it...

I'm procrastinating on this page, and it's eating my buffer. :s
So, in an attempt to get out of procrastination mode, a screenshot of the current state of affairs...


Got my thumbs done for the second installment of Sarah Neslo for the . :)

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making a webcomic is easy, here's all the things you'll need:

- be out of your goddamn mind

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moping about art fight and my own lack of confidence making art for other people 

@David_A_Webcomic I'm not participating in the art fight but I felt like drawing your David. So, well, here he is. :)

:krita: 's perspective tools are great!

(This is a sketch for the page that will go online in two weeks. Normally I pencil on paper, but for things like this, Krita's just too handy.)

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4 frame #comic I just did. I know, it's a classic joke, but why not? Good ideas are there to share ^_^

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Yesterday I did a quick commission for @yncke of their enormous ship "Solar Wind", a centuries old station with living quarters, shuttle hangars and research labs.

Read the full story at nanomango.yncke.be!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Art #3D #3DArt #b3d #Blender #EEVEE #render #space #scifi #sciencefiction #spacestation #spaceship #design

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I haven't decided yet if I'm going to do the June , but at least I'm ready for it: I've finally gotten around to bundling the three previous episodes which make up the second issue in one PDF to make it easier to read as a whole. :)


I got to draw the poster for the autumn edition of the Gentse Stripbeurs (Ghent comic fair). (Yay! :D) I'll be signing my Per'Bat (and the poster :) ) on the spring edition next week.

Coloured with :krita: , lettering with :inkscape: .

I promise you, Ohn Mar's name's on this list in today's page of my . :)

Little sneak peek for next Wednesday's page, because I'm pretty happy I persevered with those battlements. :)

I just realised tomorrow's when is going to released... A pleasant realisation, because somehow I was off by a week. :s

Yesterday I uploaded a new page for my after a hiatus of over a month. (Shame on me. :s)

It feels good to be back in the flow.

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