Still catching up with the English translations (sorry about that :s ) but I'm very happy with how this panel of yesterday's page of my Per'Bat turned out.

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RT from Joe Sondow (@JoeSondow)

Let me clear it up for you. Sci fi is when you have a sword made of light because the author believes that’s possible, and fantasy is when you have a sword made of light because the author believes that’s impossible. Hope this helps.

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A very good way of breaking my sci-fi feel of anything science-y is using imperial units. Seriously, NASA, gallons and Fahrenheits? :(

I'm not going to make it for tomorrow's page, so I can just as well pause and build up some buffer. I've been running without a buffer for over three months now, so I probably should have been sensible and paused the updates sooner, but I hate it when I have to do that. :(

Apparently, it's .

I have for you to read: "Per'Bat" - a fantasy about the heir to the throne of a small insignificant country finding her own way by being herself - , "Travels of the SolarWind" - my sci-fi story about an Earth generation ship exploring the galaxy -, "Sarah Neslo" et al. - a scifi horror story about a Guild exorcising the demons of various alien cultures - and some bits and pieces of short stories.

See . :)

Oof. Got them back.

I did a search on one of the tags in ~/.local/share/krita, and found it in a file called resourcecache.sqlite.5~. I replaced resourcecache.sqlite with that one, and they're back.

I didn't pay enough attention during the upgrade to make a good bug log about this, though. :s (And I don't fancy risking to loose them completely trying to reproduce...)

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Updated from 5.0.2 to 5.0.6, and all the tags I organised my brushes under are gone. 😢

Mention of death in a Dungeons and Dragons session. 

Last time in our session. :)

A summoned owl got shot, much to the dismay of the matching character, while the rest of the party's only lukewarm to his cries of 'revenge!'. It's not as if we didn't warn him that it could be dangerous...

CW for blood and off screen killing.

A tribute drawing for the 100 year celebration of artist Marc , featuring and company. The original drawings (spread it over three pages, I only have an A4 scanner) are auctioned for "De Zonnegloed", a sanctuary for wild animals. The animals in the drawing are all referenced from Zonnegloed animals, which was really fun to do. :)

The auction's here:
Colours with .

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3) Speaking of cheating: do it. Cheat.

No really. Who's going to tattle if you happen to re-use previous assets or create a replication of something you've done before? If it makes the process easier for you or more enjoyable, why not?

Art isn't a race, it isn't a fight, it's a type of expression. If you need to make it easier to express by recycling something, do it!

Use 3d models, copy + paste that eye, take reference pics and distort, reuse, mash references together!

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Last Wednesday if finished the last page of tome five of my Per'Bat. The last page of tome 1 was made 10 years ago. Am I slow or what? :s

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Is there a symbolic way of indicating a language (English and Dutch) that doesn't depend on a flag (USA? UK? Ireland? Australia?) or an abbreviation ('nl'? 'du'?) ?

And no ISO code either. :P
I'm trying to find something intuitive and visual to use as an indication if a webcomic's in Dutch or English.

A question for native English speakers, because it's been on my mind for a while now...

Does it bother you that a has language mistakes that make it clear the author is not a native English speaker? (Not the badly translated kind of mistakes, but awkward sentences or turn of phrases that give it away.)

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Picard perspective tip: Spend some time staring at the stars. It feeds the soul and revives the mind.

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I miss the time when you just wrote your site in HTML, and kept it stylish by not using the blink tag or playing a wav upon load...

Day 31: Risk.

This was the first time I did the inktober in one of those sketch books. I don't like the drawing more or less than on loose paper, but it's nice to have them all bundled instead of lying around.
Not as easy to scan, though... 🤔

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