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@sajan @Curator Check out colorise mask in Krita for automatic flatting of line arts. Krita's fill tool also has expanding built into it.

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It's been two years since I first announced the original Tales From The Fediverse, where has the time gone?

In any case, I guess it's time now to officially announce the start of #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 5! If you've got ideas for stories that you'd want to submit, get 'em in by March 9th! The stories themselves will be due by April 24th for a May 1st release!

More info below!

And as always, boosts are appreciated!


Don't get me wrong, Pergolesi's Stabat Mater's nice too. But really, if you ask me, it's who should be on number one in the .

So I made this "vote for me"-poster to try to convince people to bundle their votes on one piece instead of spreading the votes over his many works.
If you know Dutch speaking lovers, don't hesitate to forward or boost. Thanks! :)


(The translation's in the alt text.)

I've got a remarkably low birth rate in my , but I think I've figured out why...

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This year was a good year in terms of comics I discovered through Mastodon. :masto_comic:

In the picture are The Firelight Isle by @paulduffield , Black Dram by @eishiya and Pepper&Carrot by @davidrevoy .

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So I located the previous scene in a fireworks factory because that's a good isolated place to hide secretive magic. But I also described doing magic there as dangerous to risk blowing up the whole thing. You know - add to the suspense kind of thing.

However, now that I'm to thumb out the "they're discovered and are being chased" scene, I can't have them accidentally ignite the fireworks and do all kinds of graphically fun stuff, now, can I?

Consistency ... bummer. :(

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Putting down Roots and Ruins doesn't mean I'm giving up #XanNoWriMo. Instead, it means I'm working on Star Eaters again. Though this story is... slightly more complicated.

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To very briefly summarise, the varieties of love recognised in Ancient Greek philosophy are:

• Agape – love and charity to all
• Eros – sexual, intimate love
• Philia – affection friendship between equals
• Storge – familial love, particularly between parents and children
• Philautia – self-love and acceptance
• Xenia – Hospitality and generosity.

Yes, these are brief summaries. Yes there's more nuance. No, don't @ me about it.

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Yay! The Setup Wizard is back!

Not sure why I decided to log into tumblr again after all this time, but well... nicely in time to start following the Hogwarts IT department again. :)


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Inktober 8th day: Teeth

Well... that's more tooth than teeth but who cares ? :)

#inktober #teeth #inktober2020
#ink #mastoart

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I just got my first proof for "Animals of the Apple" in the mail today! After seeing it printed, I realize I still have a few tweaks to make before I start selling it, but hey that's what proofs are for. Trust me I'll let everyone know when I start selling them.

#art #comics #indycomics #NYC #proofs #animals #urbanwildlife

My site at yncke.be now has an feed for the updates of the comics! Yay!
(And also: about time. :/)

: I've expanded the comic generator for (gitlab.com/Yncke/jekyll-webcom) for this. The feed itself is generated by jekyll-feed. Because of github.com/jekyll/jekyll-feed/ it can't be used to make a combined feed of news posts and updates, though. :(

Another non- page.

Content warning for naked aliens, no bits shown, and injuries.

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This may not be the most credible page of the story, but even though I'm not following the pacing of the , I am following the "go with the first idea I get for the next page" principle of the thing.

Besides. I really enjoyed drawing this sequence. *grin*

Content warning for injury with blood, naked aliens without bits shown and bad language.

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Page 60 of this episode. I guess it's a good thing I didn't continue this as a regular .
I probably could have wrapped it up towards an intermediate end here, but I doubt I'd then have enough story left for another 30 pages.

Content warning for injury with blood.

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