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For anyone who wants to get social 👉
comfycozycon.com (happening Sat Dec 12 2020) is a free virtual con that's accepting artist alley applications comfycozycon.com/apply/ (application deadline is Sat Dec 5 2020)

Or you can just be an attendee too :toot:

So I located the previous scene in a fireworks factory because that's a good isolated place to hide secretive magic. But I also described doing magic there as dangerous to risk blowing up the whole thing. You know - add to the suspense kind of thing.

However, now that I'm to thumb out the "they're discovered and are being chased" scene, I can't have them accidentally ignite the fireworks and do all kinds of graphically fun stuff, now, can I?

Consistency ... bummer. :(

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Putting down Roots and Ruins doesn't mean I'm giving up #XanNoWriMo. Instead, it means I'm working on Star Eaters again. Though this story is... slightly more complicated.

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To very briefly summarise, the varieties of love recognised in Ancient Greek philosophy are:

• Agape – love and charity to all
• Eros – sexual, intimate love
• Philia – affection friendship between equals
• Storge – familial love, particularly between parents and children
• Philautia – self-love and acceptance
• Xenia – Hospitality and generosity.

Yes, these are brief summaries. Yes there's more nuance. No, don't @ me about it.

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Yay! The Setup Wizard is back!

Not sure why I decided to log into tumblr again after all this time, but well... nicely in time to start following the Hogwarts IT department again. :)


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Inktober 8th day: Teeth

Well... that's more tooth than teeth but who cares ? :)

#inktober #teeth #inktober2020
#ink #mastoart

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I just got my first proof for "Animals of the Apple" in the mail today! After seeing it printed, I realize I still have a few tweaks to make before I start selling it, but hey that's what proofs are for. Trust me I'll let everyone know when I start selling them.

#art #comics #indycomics #NYC #proofs #animals #urbanwildlife

My site at yncke.be now has an feed for the updates of the comics! Yay!
(And also: about time. :/)

: I've expanded the comic generator for (gitlab.com/Yncke/jekyll-webcom) for this. The feed itself is generated by jekyll-feed. Because of github.com/jekyll/jekyll-feed/ it can't be used to make a combined feed of news posts and updates, though. :(

Another non- page.

Content warning for naked aliens, no bits shown, and injuries.

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This may not be the most credible page of the story, but even though I'm not following the pacing of the , I am following the "go with the first idea I get for the next page" principle of the thing.

Besides. I really enjoyed drawing this sequence. *grin*

Content warning for injury with blood, naked aliens without bits shown and bad language.

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Page 60 of this episode. I guess it's a good thing I didn't continue this as a regular .
I probably could have wrapped it up towards an intermediate end here, but I doubt I'd then have enough story left for another 30 pages.

Content warning for injury with blood.

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I'm not sure how to put the side texts in the telepathic messages into the image description. I hope this approach works.

Content warning for pain and injury with blood.


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I just finished reading the "The Night Belongs to Us" by @tnbtu and I really enjoyed it. The artwork conveys emotions really well. The pacing of the world building, action and character building is well matched.

And it has an RSS feed for updates! :)

Another page for my non-.

Content warning for injuries with blood and vomiting.

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I once went to a signing session by Lewis Trondheim, a very successful French comic artist. I asked him what he thought were the secrets of a good scenario. He said there were plenty, but he highlighted these:

- "Il faut s'amuser" : You have to have fun. That way, even if nobody else likes what you do, at least you had fun with it.
- "Il faut être sincère." : You have to be honest. Don't sell yourself out.

More non-

Content warning for injuries with blood and naked aliens without bits shown.

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