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Morning! Let's start with an introduction to my Island, Wolfland!

I have done a lot of work on it since starting the day the game came out in March!

Spent the last couple of days visiting Nook Islands to try to find gold nuggets! Finally found 2 for the golden wand recipe and completed my room of gold things outfit 💫

Also found a purple path design online for the entrance/garden to my house

I moved my house for the first time since I placed my first tent! It's gonna take some getting used to lol

The steps go down to the area with the snow boys and flowers that I'll be working on once I don't need it anymore

And once I have two purple pansies and all these snow boys have melted (as now I've got all the recipes and finished the nook miles achievment I don't need to build any more!) I need to find a purpose for this area of my island!

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And finally I grew my first purple pansy! Just need it to duplicate and then the flower beds around my plaza will have 2 of every flower colour!

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Taking part in today's fishing tourney completed the nook miles achievement!

also my wish for 2021 is to finally get some purple pansies to grow, that's my final flower to get!

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It's New Year's Eve on Wolfland! And clearly the residents had a much nicer year than those of us in the real world!

I'm looking forward to the countdown though!

Since December began there have been a few flurries of snow on Wolfland and today it has settled on the ground bringing snowflakes, dung beetles and the Snowboy!

I also caught the final fish and bug I needed for Blathers!

Food, Animal Crossing 

Franklin the chef is here for Turkey Day!

I helped him get all the dishes ready early on so my villagers can all enjoy a lovely day!

oo found a nice chart of all the flowers and ticked off the ones I've grown/bred already!

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