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Morning! Let's start with an introduction to my Island, Wolfland!

I have done a lot of work on it since starting the day the game came out in March!

I've updated my dream island now I've got Fang, same dream address as before 😁

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It's just gone 7pm on Wolfland and time for our first fireworks display of the season! πŸŽ†

The big news on Wolfland today is that it's my birthday! πŸŽ‚

Cherry got herself out of bed to take me to a party in her house with Apple and Marina and we had cake and a piΓ±ata and I got cupcakes to give out to everyone :rainbowdance:

Cherry then went back to bed :blobpatpat:

KK :kk_slider: sang me a special song and I got some messages from the villagers!

Oh and it's Fang's first day on Wolfland!

Nook Miles Island Tour Part 7:

Island 25: Baabara the snooty sheep ❌
Island 26: Keaton the smug eagle ❌
Island 27: Kody the jock cub ❌
Island 28: see the next toot!!!!

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Nook Miles Island Tour Part 6:

Island 21: Curly the jock pig ❌
Island 22: Sterling the jock eagle ❌
Island 23: Barold the lazy cub❌
Island 24: Claude the lazy rabbit ❌

And I messaged someone on twitter who had Whitney in boxes but she was already claimed πŸ₯Ί

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Took a break for lunch!

Nook Miles Island Tour Part 5:

Island 17: Claudia the snooty tiger ❌
Island 18: Tabby the peppy cat ❌
Island 19: Billy the jock goat ❌
Island 20: Nana the normal monkey ❌

Noone yet! (though was definitely tempted by Claudia!)

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Nook Miles Island Tour Part 4:

Island 13: Boyd the cranky gorilla ❌
Island 14: Pekoe the normal cub ❌
Island 15: Drift the jock frog ❌
Island 16: Carrie the normal kangaroo ❌

Ah well onwards (and starting to search various places online for people with wolves in boxes I could visit!)

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Nook Miles Island Tour Part 3:

Island 9: Bettina the normal mouse ❌
Island 10: Benedict the lazy chicken ❌
Island 11: Rhonda the normal rhino ❌
Island 12: T-Bone the cranky bull ❌

Keep going!

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Nook Miles Island Tour Part 2:

Island 5: Midge the normal bird ❌
Island 6: Maple the normal cub ❌
Island 7: Sheldon the jock squirrel ❌
Island 8: A money rock island!! :ac_bells: where I found Olive the normal cub ❌

On I go...

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My Nook Miles Island Tour:

Island 1: Naomi the snooty cow ❌
Island 2: Iggly the jock penguin ❌
Island 3: Frita the sisterly sheep ❌
Island 4: Flurry the normal hamster ❌

Welp, noone yet, on to the next island!

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Morning everyone!

We have an empty lot today on Wolfland so my first priority is visiting Nook islands to see who I want to invite! 🀞 for a nice wolf!

(if anyone who sees this has a wolf in boxes today (other than Freya and Lobo) let me know!)

Good morning from Wolfland!

The second wave of the summer started today, and you can now visit a dream version of anyone's island - my Dream Address is in the screenshot

I have Blaire in boxes today (let me know if you wish to come over and grab this adorable snooty squirrel for your island!) so tomorrow will mean a Nook island hopping day and hopefully finding a new wolf for Wolfland! (if anyone has a wolf in boxes tomorrow, not Freya or Lobo, again, let me know!)

I finally had all the snorkels in the Able sisters shop today so my wetsuit beach display now looks pretty cool 😁

Also I only had time today for one round of this month's bug off, I'm sorry Flick :flick: :oh_no_bubble:

And as for the news on Wolfland today, last night's meteor shower β˜„οΈ has led to a nice haul of star fragments on the beach this morning, and even a couple of Leo β™Œ fragments have washed up so I made the recipe Celeste :celeste: gave me last night!

And Zucker πŸ™, bless him, has a funny idea of what gifts to give πŸ˜‚

Also Leif is visiting today, so I was able to replace the hydrangea shrubs around my plaza with the now in season hibiscus!

And now Tom Nook :tomnook: has announced my birthday on the plaza notice board 😊

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Cute little octopi are cute~! I kind of wished there were more Octopi villagers in Animal Crossing, but the three we have are very cute~ My favourite octopi villager is Octavian :3 ((I'm awfully biased to Cranky villagers XDDD))

Thanks for sticking around to the end :D It’s done :DDDDD

#uncannyviolet_art #acnh #AnimalCrossing #animalcrossingnewhorizons

Morning lovely people! Here on Wolfland things have been fairly quiet for a few days, with not much to report!

But today, we grew our first ever gold rose! Also Lobo wore a bi flag shirt I designed πŸ’— πŸ’œ πŸ’™

And Isabelle :isabelle: says there will be shooting stars tonight on Wolfland! 🌠

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