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Morning! Let's start with an introduction to my Island, Wolfland!

I have done a lot of work on it since starting the day the game came out in March!

Omg also new amiibo cards which will surely include all the new villagers, I'm most excited for Audie!!

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At yesterday's first bug off of the season I earnt my silver trophy! Also I just updated my dream island so it is now up to date with current villagers, flowers and terraforming (including my version of the May 2021 maze!), the address is DA-0016-4796-8988

The new Mayday maze was fun so I reworked the maze I'd made on Wolfland last year to match this year's one! Here's a quick video tour!

I also recently updated my dream island, the address is DA-0016-4796-8988, according to the Nintendo online app it's been visited 1,151 times!

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Happy 1 year anniversary to Animal Crossing New Horizons, and to Wolfland!

What a difference in a year!

Anicotti left yesterday, so it's island hopping day!

After 18 islands, I found Wolfgang, I was hoping for Skye or Audie as I'm good for cranky wolves but figured that was enough for today 😂

My encounters for today were:

Billy, jock
Boris, cranky
Sheldon, jock
Bones, lazy
Cyd, cranky

Muffy, sisterly
Jakey, lazy
Simon, lazy
Filbert, lazy
Bluebear, peppy

Peewee, cranky
Stu, lazy
Marcel, lazy
Sylvia, sisterly
Norma, normal

Molly, normal
Kiki, normal
Wolfgang, cranky

Spent the last couple of days visiting Nook Islands to try to find gold nuggets! Finally found 2 for the golden wand recipe and completed my room of gold things outfit 💫

Also found a purple path design online for the entrance/garden to my house

I moved my house for the first time since I placed my first tent! It's gonna take some getting used to lol

The steps go down to the area with the snow boys and flowers that I'll be working on once I don't need it anymore

And once I have two purple pansies and all these snow boys have melted (as now I've got all the recipes and finished the nook miles achievment I don't need to build any more!) I need to find a purpose for this area of my island!

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And finally I grew my first purple pansy! Just need it to duplicate and then the flower beds around my plaza will have 2 of every flower colour!

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Taking part in today's fishing tourney completed the nook miles achievement!

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