The Great Backyard Bird Count is a community science project run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Audobon Society, and Birds Canada. From Friday February 18 through Monday February 21, people are encouraged to observe birds in their environment for as little as fifteen minutes and submit the species and count data to help improve understanding of bird populations.

Please check it out and consider contributing! birdcount.org/

I have taken up birding and it is probably one of the best hobbies in the universe.

Birds are special, adorable, and utterly fascinating.

One day I realized, I can just look up stuff about birds for free. Nobody can stop me! Now I use the National Audobon Society's official field guide, it helps you identify ones in your area during the current season. They even have recordings of their songs so you can tell by sound!

Birds!! 💖🐦🦃🦉🦆🦅🐤💖

@taureancheer Jayd I wanted to tell you, back in June Mike and I helped a tiny beach bird that was confused and dodging cars on a country road. Seemed like it got knocked around and overheated a little. I used a big straw hat to ferry it down near the water, it hopped right in like the hat was its nest. At the water's edge it looked at me like "um. thx" and ran away to hide behind a Single Leaf to calm down and regain its senses.

We thought it was a Dipper, but it was a Spotted Sandpiper!!!

For , please consider donating to queer indigenous people like Sophy. We can't fix the world all at once, but we can directly help the people stuck in this system to lessen their hardships.

At $1669 of $3400, Sophy has raised over half her goal!

Her twitter: twitter.com/devilhornsdyke

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Today is my friend Sophy's birthday. She's an amazing person and an indigenous Pipil Salvadoran who has financially supported her mother for years. Her mother is two months behind on rent and divorcing an abusive husband, she has no other support system. For her own birthday, Sophy is raising money to help her mother pay the back rent. Please consider donating! Sophy is offering sketch commissions for $20 donations!

INFO: twitter.com/devilhornsdyke/sta

World building, aka "reading about Köppen climate classification and terrestrial biomes for three hours"

WAIT. My radio messed up. It switched to a nearby station.


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6:42am, they suddenly switched mid-Hikki-ballad to enka music!! LOL.

We got fourteen Hikki jams. What a glorious run.

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Shout out to FM 76.9 Moeru radio station in Kushiro, Japan for just full-on playing six Utada Hikaru songs in a row before 6 o'clock in the morning. You know what's up.

Ain't nobody gonna complain about Hikki.

Knowing these calls are often monitored or checked is just the best gift. The rick that keeps on rolling. I highly recommend it.

I also seem to be getting fewer scam calls, period LOL.

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Not sure if anyone else gets a lot of scam calls, but I do. I usually answer them to listen for a do not call list option, but I have also started rickrolling the robots.

The automated voice starts trying to get, like, information on my car insurance, and Rick Astley's gentle timbre croons into the microphone, "We're no strangers to looove."

Honestly, the span between when the automated voice stops speaking--disturbed by Mr. Astley--to when they hang up is precious time I will always treasure.

So much of the social anxiety across my life has been due to an inability to remember faces and the social expectation to do so. I can go to an event for the first time and be incredibly friendly, just have a great time, but the next time I go to that event it's a vicious struggle of trying to place people.

My solution, and one that comes naturally to me, is to just be friendly with everyone. ⭐

anyway so the end result is I'm just listening to whole albums way more.

And cool nonfiction audiobooks! Just putting them on while I go about my day.

Really cool listening to albums start to finish again. :D


She was the creative partner to the founder of the style. Everyone seemed to feel she would be the founder's successor.

And yet.

It's strange, mourning someone you never met. And yet we do it for writers, singers, people who inspire us and made something good in this world.

I hope she is at peace.

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