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Are you tired of working on That One Page? (you know the one.) I am also tired of working on That One Page. I cycle through working on about a dozen pages at a time, so when one feels stagnant or frustrating, I can switch. Some pages need to be thumbed, others need to be sketched, inked, colored, etc., so it keeps the process exciting!

Funky mid-week story drop.

Positive Visualization A

Payment optional. I will accept smiles and particularly cool looking rocks as valid currency.

"Rain on sharp mountain"
Inks on alder

Real fun to do! The inks are waterproof so you can wet the board for a different experience. Rain drops are just naturally occuring grain.

I've never done commissions but if anyone's interested I might be up for doing some fantasy landscapes on boards. It would be a nice break from schoolwork. πŸ˜„

I do gesture drawings of people I see on a live New York City Times Square webcam to warm-up. It fulfills my love of people watching and challenges me to capture the essence and motion of a person for the sometimes very short time they are on screen. I create stories for who they might be and it sparks my creativity. Now I ask myself every day if I'm having as much fun in life as the man I saw playing guitar wearing an American flag bikini, boots, and cowboy hat in the middle of winter.

I love drawing animals, they make me really happy. I look at several references pictures to understand the shape and features of the animal before drawing several gestures of the critter. These are some of my sketches from 2018!

Hi Comics Camp! are in order, I suppose 🌟 I am a comic artist currently working on my fantasy epic, Dellecia, which is planned for release this summer. Here are some character designs, along with some secret previews of the comic itself πŸ’–


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