It is important to me that I mention the references I used were of Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester sheepies. This mother and child pair are Border Leicester.

All breeds of sheepie are good sheepie.

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I found out today is the beginning of and it awoke the deep desire inside me to draw cute barn animals.

I did some figure drawings of sheep to get a good idea of their proportions and came across a photo of what can only be described as an incredibly chuffed ewe with her yearling. Here they are πŸ’–

It is common knowledge that on the 1st of September we are all required to blare September by Earth, Wind & Fire, and also every subsequent day, in observance of the sacred 21st.

Here you go. Boogie with me πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ 🌈

Every time I trick myself into thinking that painting water will be fun and definitely not that hard /this time/...



Everyone should watch this video about music in science fiction games, specifically the recent trend of country western music. It's delightful and called "Who put all these banjos in my sci-fi game?"

Some people have such perfect, crisp yodels 😭 Mine is slow and messy.

I'm going to make some Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams mix tapes so I can learn the songs and practice!!

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Today while drawing comics I learned how to yodel.

I watched several videos while I worked, practicing along, because I had wanted to learn for a while.

It's so fun! 😭

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2b. I agree people didn't expect much of Green Day. But that's because they were the easy-to-stomach punk, not because punk isn't political. American Idiot was their most authentic dip into the historical value of punk as a genre.

3. We're really gonna act like "Wake Me Up When September Ends" promotes emotional apathy and isn't, by itself AND in the context of American Idiot the concept album, about the loss of loved ones, purpose, and a sense of self after trauma and upheaval?

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2. Green Day's early music is typical suburban-white-boy, edgy, rebellion music. But it's also punk music, and to say "No one expected Green Day to be the ones to make The Political Protest Album of the 2000s," is wild.

No backstory on the raw political history of punk? No examination of the genre shift to apathy, personal anguish, and petty suburban outcast themes?

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my biggest complaints are this

1. Her conclusion that Green Day's American Idiot is effective because it doesn't directly name Bush or the Iraq Invasion directly contradicts her earlier claim that 1960s protest music was, like, declawed and limp for the same ambiguity, became dated and was culturally discarded for this reason.

Sure, society doesn't always make sense, same themes different outcome, sure, but I... disagree.

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I guess I also shouldn't be surprised because she collaborated with Todd in the Shadows and, though I was mostly unfamiliar with his work before, upon investigation it's also thoroughly mediocre.

Youtube guy angrily insults the genre of music that is stupendously easy to target? and acts Aghast the world would produce such things, let alone that people would enjoy it?

Todd you've been doing this for years, how is this your shtick

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I'm honestly offended by how mediocre the Lindsay Ellis video about protest music is. I know she can't include everything, I know music isn't her forte, I know she's trying to be funny or entertaining in a lot of it


its engagement is so surface level I can't bear it. She mentions the video being about Big Mainstream music, so maybe I'm the chump here, because broad conversations can't have much nuance, but god

I work in a loud environment with many machines whirring, I wear a face-mask for my shift, all this mean I have to shout in the majority of my interactions. Some weeks after five workdays in a row, I almost lose my voice.

It's hard on a person whose feel-good, comfort response is loudly singing. ,_,

you know it's pretty funny that this is a supposedly comics-focused account but all I talk about is music LOL

sorry?? maybe?? I guess I play my comics stuff close until it's ready to be born.

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Lana del Rey and Taylor Swift can go into the category of "fragile rich white women who act like all criticism is violent misogyny."

There are valid criticisms of each of them. There are invalid, misogyny-stemmed criticisms of them.


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