World building, aka "reading about KΓΆppen climate classification and terrestrial biomes for three hours"

WAIT. My radio messed up. It switched to a nearby station.


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6:42am, they suddenly switched mid-Hikki-ballad to enka music!! LOL.

We got fourteen Hikki jams. What a glorious run.

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Shout out to FM 76.9 Moeru radio station in Kushiro, Japan for just full-on playing six Utada Hikaru songs in a row before 6 o'clock in the morning. You know what's up.

Ain't nobody gonna complain about Hikki.

Knowing these calls are often monitored or checked is just the best gift. The rick that keeps on rolling. I highly recommend it.

I also seem to be getting fewer scam calls, period LOL.

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Not sure if anyone else gets a lot of scam calls, but I do. I usually answer them to listen for a do not call list option, but I have also started rickrolling the robots.

The automated voice starts trying to get, like, information on my car insurance, and Rick Astley's gentle timbre croons into the microphone, "We're no strangers to looove."

Honestly, the span between when the automated voice stops speaking--disturbed by Mr. Astley--to when they hang up is precious time I will always treasure.

So much of the social anxiety across my life has been due to an inability to remember faces and the social expectation to do so. I can go to an event for the first time and be incredibly friendly, just have a great time, but the next time I go to that event it's a vicious struggle of trying to place people.

My solution, and one that comes naturally to me, is to just be friendly with everyone. ⭐

anyway so the end result is I'm just listening to whole albums way more.

And cool nonfiction audiobooks! Just putting them on while I go about my day.

Really cool listening to albums start to finish again. :D


She was the creative partner to the founder of the style. Everyone seemed to feel she would be the founder's successor.

And yet.

It's strange, mourning someone you never met. And yet we do it for writers, singers, people who inspire us and made something good in this world.

I hope she is at peace.

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A prominent teacher of the dance style I studied for 8 years died today. Cancer.

I never met her. I closed the chapter of my life that involved this dance style earlier this year, ironically right before it became impossible to dance with others.

And yet I cry. I cried yesterday, hearing from a friend that she went into hospice. I cried today looking at videos of her dancing, knowing the joy she brought into the lives of everyone who was part of this dance.

Is there a mash-up of Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In The Dark and Robyn's Dancing On My Own? Because there really should be!!

It is important to me that I mention the references I used were of Border Leicester and Bluefaced Leicester sheepies. This mother and child pair are Border Leicester.

All breeds of sheepie are good sheepie.

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I found out today is the beginning of and it awoke the deep desire inside me to draw cute barn animals.

I did some figure drawings of sheep to get a good idea of their proportions and came across a photo of what can only be described as an incredibly chuffed ewe with her yearling. Here they are πŸ’–

It is common knowledge that on the 1st of September we are all required to blare September by Earth, Wind & Fire, and also every subsequent day, in observance of the sacred 21st.

Here you go. Boogie with me πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ 🌈

Every time I trick myself into thinking that painting water will be fun and definitely not that hard /this time/...


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