My first county fair performance went well! It was fun and I was really proud of it. We have two more performances today, so my husband and I will be going early and spending most of the day at the fair. It's one of my favorite events of the year. I love walking around to see the arts and crafts and going to the stables to say hello to every single animal and, if they let me, petting them. ;0; <3

Every time I learn a new song on violin, it feels like I have a new way to express something I can't say with words. Even playing the music other people have composed gives me this freedom to communicate something different every time I play it.

I am performing violin in the county fair soon and though I am very nervous, I am also excited. <3

I was rear-ended so hard at a red light last night that it sprained my shoulder. :( Spent most of yesterday evening in the ER. I'm okay, but it hurts a lot

I went to a brewery known for a medieval European aesthetic. Its bottles are labelled in blackletter, beer varieties are named things like "Guilt," and the whole room was covered in black metal, worn metal goblets, dark wood, and window cut-outs of scenes from Paradise Lost. I looked at the bartender and I said, "the owner is Catholic, right?" and yes, friends. Yes, he is haha

Jeez, I've got nearly three albums of song material written. I think I'm gonna schedule Saturday as music day, so I can start laying down bass tracks and demos.

We got almost seven pounds of huckleberries yesterday and I am so happy!!

@taureancheer jayd I saw a moo cow with HUGE HORNS in someone's pasture after huckleberry hunting yesterday, it was sooooooo cute. It was enormous and sat perfectly still so I almost thought it was a sculpture!!!

discussion of gun violence in media 

discussion of gun violence in media 

.@duck_errant and I will be going to pick huckleberries this weekend and I am SOOOO excited 🌟 πŸ’– 🌠 🌈 πŸ“ πŸ‡

we are having a hot summer here, friends πŸ˜“ I love it but also aaaaaaaah

Art studios with southern exposure windows are a double edged sword because they are beautifully lit but also HOT ALL THE TIME UGHH

Mike is encouraging me to do two years of college for a specific combination of programs to facilitate doing freelance translation work, and hghhh. I know it's a good idea, but ;;

Working in food service during summertime is such a nightmare.

@taureancheer Drum TAO is SO COOL I CAN'T PHYSICALLY STAND IT omfsdklgja. Also do you know the name of the flat stringed instruments they play on the tables? Are they koto or something else? I didn't know those musicians wore finger picks like banjo players... so cool to watch them play omg

There's no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are. ~ Mr. Rogers

@taureancheer I just found out Maggie Rogers and I have the same rising and moon signs omg sdlk gjπŸ’– 🌟 🌠

Making visual art and comics is more like *looks wild-eyed upon completed work, wrings hands in victory while shouting yes, YESSSSSSSSS*

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