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Hey, creatures! New TNBTU!

Sorry for missing last week... I was physically unwell 😣
At least it wasn't covid related 😅

CW: blooood 🙃

TNBTU is back with a new page! 🌙

The site is still being worked on. It's kinda super bare bones right now. 😅 But, at least I finally got all the pages up.

Okay, so I've been slowly getting the pages back up. I've got Chapters 1, 2, and 3, plus all the interludes restored! That's 73 pages... So, only 200 more pages to go... 😅

The TNBTU site will be back next Friday with a new page! 🐺💕🦇

Hey! I hope you're all well. Shit's been crazy since TNBTU last updated. It's been a while... but I'm back, and TNBTU's back:
cw: female presenting nipples

Oh, hey, look 😮
A worthless trash-person decided to spontaneously update TNBTU:

I'll post more deets about TNBTU's hiatus later, I used up all of my mental spoons for today 😓

Anyway, yeah, TNBTU is back now 😅

Sorry it took this long, I'm dealing with a metric shit ton of real life stuff rn 😓

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I have a new page ready to go, but my site's been down and I don't how to fix it 😰 I'll get it up as soon as I can

Also, sorry it took me a while to post the update. There was some massive Spectrum internet outage all day. 😒

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