Hello! This account is for supernatural webcomic The Night Belongs to Us. TNBTU part thriller & part lesbian romantic dramedy. It currently updates Fridays.

(It's for mature readers only & sometimes NSFW.)
You can read it here:

@tnbtu by chance I was looking at the introduction toots and discovered your webcomic. I have read the first 3 chapters so far and really like it.

However, I must say that the cover image that you shared here is slightly misleading. It might attract some audience but also put off others that would in fact enjoy it as well.

BTW, are you medical illustrator as Hank as well?

I was also surprised that Ada said that she can't have a phone. I would expect that The Shepherds would act as a middle man for them when they want to buy telephone or get internet connection. They could nicely mask it in their accounting as employees' phones.

I mean when they can get them blood, getting Internet connection for them can't be that much harder, can it? :linus:


I wasn't really aware it was misleading. Could you elaborate what about it would put people off?

Also, I'm not a medical illustrator, though I think it'd be a really awesome job.

@tnbtu Looking at the cover one might think that it is a lesbian erotica, which wouldn't be a problem if it even was.

However in fact (at least until the third chapter) it is more of a fun comic with supernatural elements and romance where the main character "just happens" to be a lesbian and there is some mature content in places where it makes pretty good sense for storytelling reasons as well.

So it seems at first glance, that the group is exclusively for a small group of audience (just for those interesting in work depicting lesbian relationship or homosexual themes in general). However, its appeal its real appeal is definitely much wider.

I will happily try to elaborate on this further, if you want.

Just to be clear the problem is NOT that there is a clearly lesbian couple on the cover, but that they are depicted in a way that it looks to me as if the work itself is focused almost exclusively on the mature content which is in fact not true.

@tnbtu to make it even clearer, it is not even about the sexual orientation of the character (even if there were two genderless aliens on the cover instead)

TLDR The cover page has much more NSFW look and feel than the actual comics (at least until the third chapter + interlude)

and if it even gets NSFW later than it will be rather justified by the story itself, so that's OK as well.

@JackieLibre Oooooooh, okay, I totally see what you're saying, and it makes sense.

Admittedly, I guess I didn't put enough thought into it and just drew something I thought looked cool. 😅 The romance in the comics is really a very slow burn. Marketing my work is definitely not my strong suit.

@tnbtu speaking of marketing, you should definitely post some pictures of Hank's cat Macintosh (did she really named her cat after Apple's computer?).

Cat toots get are really popular. For example @Gargron boosts them all the time. 😅

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