The world of art-focused instances on Mastodon is surprisingly small, which is rather sad considering how exciting a whole community of different artistic instances would be.

Whether they're for specific mediums/crafts/genres, or just with different aesthetics or feel to the community… gosh, I would love that.

.ART shouldn't be the *only* art instance people know of and gravitate to. It's partly why I started ComicsCamp.Club. But I don't have the spoons to run more than I already do. :(

I love that there *are* some art-focused instances out there! Like for animators or

I kind of dream of a community of artistic instances that share a Code of Conduct or common ideals that support each other, so people can feel safe moving from one to the other to find which one works best for them.


@Rheall I totally agree. ☹️ I feel like one of the larger issues is that Mastodon doesn’t have a “neighborhood” grouping (idea from: )

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