I couldn’t find one, so I quickly made my own tool to practice drawing cubes. Feel free to use & tweak it


I love how lazy Star Trek can be sometimes. This race of aliens just has big yellow crow’s feet on their face. That’s it. Costuming called a half day

@sajan also! I just started season 3 of my DS9 rewatch, and I’ve made some great progress with my figure drawing so I *may* be doing some of those weird DS9 comics in the future! 😄

Trying my hand at more facial expression practice. This time, practicing the Loomis method from memory, with reference images.

#13: the boys are up to something.

RIP Aron Eisenberg, you did a good job.

Experimenting with the Andrew Loomis method of drawing faces. Considering that I’ve never draw faces before, they turned out pretty well! I definitely need more practice though.

Not bad for my second time figure drawing, 5 minute sketches, and a fussy puppy!

A friend has nudged me to at least 10 minutes of creative work every day for 100 days, and it’s been a great challenge.

I’ve been figuring out my first zine as part of that, which is exciting and terrifying all at the same time 😅😅


I’ve been heads down with work stuff, but slowly getting back to drawing again. This time, practicing my shading with high-contrast B&W photos

Had a really productive ramble with a friend that’s been an illustrator for most of their life. Realized I need to pull back a bit and refocus on my foundational work.

I think I jumped too far ahead, getting antsy about “not making progress”, but foundational work is just that. And I’ve gotta remember, I’ve only been illustrating for less than a year. It’s a marathon, and there are no pressures at all.

I’ve got a favor to ask! Does anyone have line art or sketches I can use to practice?

I’m trying to figure out my workflow for digital art; particularly coloring/shading/overall style. I’ve got some handle for traditional art, but I think I need a few other pieces to experiment with.

Hey, folks! Here, have a short comic I made for school back in 2014.

It's called "Home". It's about my last experience living with roommates.

You can read it here: rheall.me/portfolio/home/

(Despite the quality of the art, which was lacking because I had to finish it so quickly, I'm pretty proud of it. ☺️ )

: layers of a piece I’ve been chipping away at. Working on individual sheets with a whiteboard has been a huge help for me

I’ve been reading a comic biography of Josephine Baker (from my local library!). It’s massive, and I’m still trying to form my thoughts around it. I’m not in love with the art style, but seeing the arc of her life in comic form is great

Had 30 minutes in between things today; so I put together a quick doodle of Kira!

I tried to follow some advice about not getting too lost in the lines, and instead trying to find the way the light and shading comes across. I could definitely go for more dramatic shading

I’ve been quiet for most of May, because, well May has been exhausting 😬😬

I’d been working on this piece since May...12thish? It’s a sketch based on grabbing coffee with a friend and walking our pups. I wanted to pour more time into it, but just couldn’t find the hours; so I rounded it off with shading + inking and called it done. Hopefully I can revisit it someday soon!


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