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Hello, I'm Heather, aka. Rheall. I'm an artist of sorts, and of :masto_comic: ComicsCamp.Club 🏕️

💚 Portfolio:
💙 A maker and lover of webcomics
💜 Owner of :squishygecko: @Squishy and :ailapup: @Aila
💚 Simblr: :plumbob4:
💙 One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎✍️
💜 🍁, polite and non-confrontational to a fault
💚 White ace cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England

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So I finally did it. 🐴 ✍️

Click here to check out my Horse Drawing Workshop Notes and References booklet:


Ever needed to draw horses but had no idea where to start? Does the thought of drawing an equine terrify you? Want to learn more tools to help grow your horse drawing skills? Then this .PDF is for you!

Designed to be as approachable as possible without getting technical.


Thank you so much for your support! :da_cuddle:

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Just thought I'd mention again:

I have a FREE or Pay What You Want .pdf copy of my Snowflakes Colouring Book available here:


They're easy to print out and colour to your heart's content!

The other day the starlings and flickers were visiting, too, but Aila kept scaring them away. 🙄 :da_sweat:

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Currently at my bird feeder:

Chickadees, bushtits, and house finches. 🥰


It came! @Squishy got her Christmas presents, a new cave with a dripping waterfall inside, and a new ledge with a hidey-hole inside it. :da_boogie:

She spent a great deal of time today exploring her new terrarium layout, then got *very* interested in the lights on our Christmas tree, which is right next to her.

I love the lights reflected in her eyes. :da_love:

[Marked sensitive for reptile/lizard.]

I hope everyone out there who celebrates Hanukkah has a lovely one, full of love and light.
:da_cuddle: 🕎 ✡️ :blobhug2:

(I know it's estimated they live 10-20 years, with some living as long as 30+ years, I just joke about it because back when I first got her in 2011 everywhere said "It's too soon since they've first entered the pet trade for us to say how long they live in captivity". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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@Squishy turned 10 years old this summer. I've always tried to treat her as well as I've possibly been able to, but I'm determined to treat her like a queen from now on.

How long do crested geckos live for, again? Who even knows?? :da_sweat:

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Decided to get one of these for @Squishy for Christmas. She deserves nice things too. :squishygecko:

It's the Zilla Spring Cave:

He fried so hard, and got so far
In the end, it doesn't even batter

Not me getting Ed Wynn and Ed Wood mixed up :oh_no:

Just wanted to share a couple pretty sims I made recently. ^^

[Hidden for eye contact, and a vampire character with mild blood and scarring]

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

Anyway, I'll stop ragging on it now. ^^; Just… wow. I honestly don't know how it was something the developers thought was appropriate to release for sale on the Switch.

I wish the Switch offered refunds… :\

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"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

I'll also mention: The tutorial was SO aggravating. It would constantly interrupt everything and take forever to click through.

There are things you interact with and you focus on them for a set amount of time; you can't back out. So if you accidentally interact with something you're stuck staring at it for a few long seconds before you can move on.

And something seemed up with the character's facial expressions? Just kind of flat and confusing? 🤔

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"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

The tone was also a little strange, but granted I haven't played it long enough to really get a sense of it. I think it's trying to be gritty and dark, but the slowness and texture/resolution issues just make it seem a little… flat.

I'm glad it was so heavily discounted. It would have sucked to waste more money on such a shitty port.

I'll have to pick up the comics some day, though, get into it for real. ^^ I've always wanted to.

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"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

There are moments when the camera zooms in on a photograph on a character's desk, and Blacksad says something about how sweet the sentiment of the photo is…

…but it's just a confusing mess of extremely low-res highly-artifacted pixels.

You walk incredibly slowly, and your movements are not precise. I got stuck on things many times. And then there are the loading times… interminably long, and constant. >__<

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"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

I decided to pick up the game "Blacksad: Under the Skin" when it was on sale on the Switch a few days ago. I tried to play some of it recently, and… wow. It is possibly the worst port of a game I've ever seen.

At least, I sincerely hope it's better on its native platforms… on the Switch it was achingly slow, loading times were severe, and half the time the textures weren't more than a soupy blur.

It's such a shame, I really wanted to like it!

To my lovely users here at

Don't worry, the tr*mp domains have been blocked. If you hear of anything else along these lines, let me know, and I will nuke them to hell. :da_ahoy:

None of that shite here, please and thank you. :da_cuddle:

TIL there are different varieties of dark-eyed juncos! We get a lot of the oregon variety around here, but I think the ones I saw today were a sub-species called "cismontanus". ^^

My mum also gets a lot of the "slate-coloured" variety out where she is in the interior.

(Pics from here:

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Aww, just saw a dark-eyed junco at my feeder! I know they're everywhere, but that's the first time I've seen them visiting my feeder set-up. ^^

My feeder life list is currently:
- Chickadees
- House sparrows
- House finches
- Anna's hummingbirds
- Red-breasted nuthatches
- Dark-eyed juncos
- Downy woodpeckers
- Northern flickers

:da_la: :chickadee: :hummingbird: :da_love:

As Adam Savage said: "Remember kids, the only difference between Science and screwing around is writing it down." :thinking_rotate:

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In anticipation of the new AC:NH content I decided to reset my island last night. It only took me 27 restarts to get my girl Reneigh as one of my starting villagers. :da_boogie:

Also, here's how the fruit distribution worked out:

Cherries: IIII\
Oranges: III
Peaches: IIII\IIII
Apples: IIII
Pears: IIII\I

I was hoping for pears, but I got peaches. Ah well! ^^

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