Also there's now a Discord server: Come on in! Be kind and try to have a good time. I'll probably post plenty of non-TLP content as well.

First off I want to say thank you all SO much for supporting me over the last year!

Chapter two will start on March 9th for patrons, and a week later for everyone else. I am also going to try posting on Tapas in blocks of four pages instead of once a week. We'll see how that goes!

Anyway, I wanted to give all of you a chance to ask about the comic, the characters, etc. I'll tell you as much as I can without giving too much away. ;3

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Had a strong urge to draw tonight, so here we are :) This is the last page from a pad. I used to be terrified of blank paper. I'd end up hoarding empty pads because I'd be too afraid to draw anything for fear of not being happy with it and sullying the potential that the empty page held with something disappointing once finished.

Now I draw because the experience itself is meditative, the journey is fulfilling. It doesn't matter what the end looks like, the empty paper is just the vehicle.

Have you read any Greta Helsing novels? I just finished the first one and I think you'd enjoy it immensely!

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My roommate’s sorcerer became a dragon for a few minutes!
Hi-res/lore on my Patreon:

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My warlock after the final session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

(killed Rezmir, took her stuff)

Shining Armor - Helthake to finish the Curse of Strahd party.

Hi-res/lore on my Patreon:

Shade’s Blades (I switched from tome to blade warlock on my HotDQ character)

Hi-res/lore on my Patreon:

Mona again!! A composition I’ve wanted to draw for a while now.

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'Green onions' - 5x10" - afternoon alla prima. Getting ready to hang this little piece and 17 of its friends for a show this month. #excited #mastoart #art

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My spooky-sweet ebook is only $0.99 until Halloween at most retailers!

Read it now for witchy aesthetics, unchecked ambition, weird zombie pals, necromancer town meetings, and over-enthusiastic scholars.

Also, you'll be supporting me, an indie creator, and I'll be *super grateful*!

Buy links and more info:

Bloodborne Fancomic: blood, dog attack, death, syringe 

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Congratulations to all the Heiltsuk people on building the first Big House to stand tall on the BC coast in 120 years!

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