Fanart/Valentine's combo of my and Mossworm's (on Twitter) surprisingly similar plant dinosaurs.

One day late but whatever!!

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Your #gender journey is your own and while friends who have their own journeys are valuable companions who can help you on your way, yours will be unique and very personal in a way that nobody else’s will be.

Remember that you don’t have to follow the path that looks well-trodden, with lots of footprints. Follow where your heart leads you. :heart_pride:

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Instead of posting any of the hundreds of completely uninteresting photos I've taken of my dog today, here's a tiny little snowy macro scene I took today on our walk to the park. ☺️

(Seconds before she destroyed it by trying to eat the snow, hahaha)

@Rheall This is great! I took some similar pictures a few years ago on a walk with my mom's dog!

Hi! Long time no see! I'm actually working on another comic, but I don't have enough of it done to feel comfortable posting it yet. But, I DID do a wallpaper commission for Lordran and Beyond. (

So here is Gwyndolin, taking a short rest from dutifully watching over Lord Gwyn's coffin.

Has anyone here read a webcomic where the protagonists are hazmat-suited sewer cleanup men and one of them spots something alive in the water? I read the first part ages ago but can't find it again.

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:blobcatpeek: hello again

BOOKS & BONE is a librarians-and-necromancy fantasy with small town charm in a city of the dead.

It is currently up for funding on #kickstarter as I can't afford to publish it on my own. If you're able, I'd really appreciate your help!

It's a story about frantic research, the boundaries of magic, and the love of home, however strange.

It's mildly spooky and very warm. I hope you'll like it!

:blobcatpeek: ok thanks

#writing #fantasy

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Planchetta was inspired by my graphic tablet ("planchet" in russian) Wacom Bamboo Pen&Touch. I own it for many years, and it always was good working, stable and reliable (I hope it will stay this way for long). Total black appearance and a little thin glowing panel reminded me of church and nuns.
I added apron to protect it from pen scratches, but there's no crosses on real one, it's just for the atmosphere.
#mastoart #creativetoots #digitalart

I'm moving to a house that has grapes and blueberries already in the yard. I feel like i can figure out plenty to do with blueberries but what do you do with grapes other than eat them? I'm not going to make wine...

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I say that and I get connected literally one minute later. Huzzah!

Playing Slay the Spire while on hold for SocSec office so I can ask a question that will take 5 seconds to answer but isn't answered anywhere on their website! Ugh.

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