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I also got back on the ol' mediumboard (short longboard) for the first time in a year+, and was pleased to find the muscle memory was still mostly in place.

Granted, said muscle memory wasn't great to begin with.

Bleeeh, anyone else finding that their immune system just decided to take a vacation during quarantine and is slow on the uptake that it needs to actually do something every once in a while?

I'm on cold number 2 in as many weeks D:

I wish I could combine the fluency and control I have with traditional media with the expressivity and easy sharing of digital media. I actually have no real preference between the two.

With enough practice, Is it possible to achieve the level of comfort I have with a pen and paper with a tablet? If so, that would solve all my problems.

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The second promo comic for my book is done! If you're intrigued, let me know, and I can send you a bit of it to preview. :)

CW'd for gun violence, death.

(Reuploaded because the first time the pages were out of order)

I am one clever name away from starting an anticapitalist blog 

Saw the askreddit thread about things that are essentially scams. The complexity of the American tax process came up a lot.

The blame for this was put on tax filing companies like Turbotax and friends, but I'm 99% sure this is a deliberate misdirection from wealthy lobbyists, who benefit immensely from a complicated tax code that they can game the shit out of. Meanwhile, tax filing companies are a perfect decoy to absorb ire.

Btw, the watercolors spent a day squashed under some weights and flattened up nicely. Photographing them and adjusting went much better.

I even used layer masking to color correct different parts of the image differently. Felt like a photoshop (gimp) wizard.

Gotta add the text to it, then will post soon.

This cat be like "you were sleep for 8 hours now you owe me 8 hours of pets"

Is there a word getting excited to be finished with a piece of traditional art, and then the disappointment when you try to take a picture of and it looks like shit?

Cats had torn through the rope on the scratching post. Bought more sisal rope, and wrapped it over the top and it's as good as new.

Do this a couple more times and it'll be as wide as a real tree trunk.

Haven't pulled out the watercolor supplies in earnest since getting the kitties.

Hair. Everywhere.

In the process, I think I ended up making an antithumbnail--drew the bottom right panel of page 1 waaay bigger than I'd need it.

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Full size draft of the comic before I try to put it on watercolor paper and paint it. Better have all the eraser marks here than there.

(BTW, if you're intrigued, this is a "promo" comic for my book!)

Drawing a neutral standing position is the hardest pose I've ever drawn in my life.

My hobby: humming tritones against the vacuum cleaner

-sigh- Don't you just hate it when you make a really expressive sketch in your thumbnail bit when you scale it up it makes no sense whatsoever?

Saw a eagle? hawk? on our afternoon walk today. Seemed to have caught a pigeon. Unconcerned by the pedestrians on the street not ten feet from it.

Real time updates from googdocs as friend reads my book is terrifying. I'm deliberately not reading them 'til later.

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