Okay, had to share this one. It's so aesthetically pleasing!

Wordle 214 4/6


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🦀 Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes, de diverses couleurs et figures extraordinaires,.
A Amsterdam, Chez Reinier & Josué Ottens, 1754.

Wordle spoilers 

Today's was dastardly.

Also I've gotten bored of the share button. But I did get it on my last go.


Wordle 211 4/6

The more I play this game the more words I forget


We've had this cat tree for as long as we've had the cat (year and a half). This is the first time either of them have sat here.

I've been doing comics stuff too.

Some screenshots of the first three pages of the comics-ization of our campaign.

I expect to do a little more revision as I'm still figuring out some style stuff. Already a lot of improvement across just the three pages.


Wordle 209 X/6


Partner: "Leave to poor crab alone"

On the one hand, he's right.

On the other, this is like the only good photo I took all trip.

Caprice is a weird fucker.

She spent like, two minutes rubbing her head on this box.

She smelled like pizza for the rest of the evening. I guess that was the intended result?


Aargh, ruined my 4 streak. As you can see it was a bit of a struggle

Wordle 208 5/6


Wordle murdle 

Another 4 go! I'm on a streak.

Wordle 207 4/6


COVID, shit posting 

-water down the wrong pipe-

Is this COVID?

I can't control myself.

The urge to write a python script to find the expected number of wordle guesses is intensifying.

I must resist.

Wordle durdle 

@Ethancdavenport I did! Must've been subconsciously

Wordle durdle 

Very aesthetically pleasing today.

Wordle 206 4/6



Wordle 205 4/6

That last guess was a big leap. Can't believe it worked out.



Wordle 204 3/6

Hoho, broke the 4 boundary. Also double letters are a thing.


COVID musings 

I'm in the "ready for covid to be over phase of things", the full cycle being "stress out about covid" -> "ready for it to be over" -> "this is normal now". This is probably the second time round, having gotten kicked out of the "normal" phase by omicron and being strong armed into travel recently.

I suppose one day it may actually be over, but realistically the best thing I can hope for is spending a lot of time in phase 3.


Wordle 203 4/6

Today was a weird one


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