We've had this cat tree for as long as we've had the cat (year and a half). This is the first time either of them have sat here.

I've been doing comics stuff too.

Some screenshots of the first three pages of the comics-ization of our campaign.

I expect to do a little more revision as I'm still figuring out some style stuff. Already a lot of improvement across just the three pages.

Partner: "Leave to poor crab alone"

On the one hand, he's right.

On the other, this is like the only good photo I took all trip.

Caprice is a weird fucker.

She spent like, two minutes rubbing her head on this box.

She smelled like pizza for the rest of the evening. I guess that was the intended result?

Having not grown up with pets, I'm always astounded by the amount of personality they have. Living with cats really is like having two inarticulate adult roommates.

Roommates that love their belly scritches. Whose a good roommate!

At this point in my life the alarm clock is for the cat.

It tells her she can mrow for pets without getting yeeted from the bed.

Decided my inspired illustration of Sebastian is done enough. It's not as fancy your average Mucha art, but I think it's got the gist of it.

(Boosts welcome!)

Been doing more art stuff lately but haven't posted any of it.

Distracted myself from my comic stuff by getting it in my head to do a mucha-style illustration of Sebastian.

Working on the line work now. Constructive criticism welcome!

# mastoart

The second promo comic for my book is done! If you're intrigued, let me know, and I can send you a bit of it to preview. :)

CW'd for gun violence, death.

(Reuploaded because the first time the pages were out of order)

In the process, I think I ended up making an antithumbnail--drew the bottom right panel of page 1 waaay bigger than I'd need it.

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Full size draft of the comic before I try to put it on watercolor paper and paint it. Better have all the eraser marks here than there.

(BTW, if you're intrigued, this is a "promo" comic for my book!)

Saw a eagle? hawk? on our afternoon walk today. Seemed to have caught a pigeon. Unconcerned by the pedestrians on the street not ten feet from it.

Couple things I made: A autotile set, and then some kelp plants to grow in them:

Constructive criticism very much appreciated

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Okay, a slightly more serious update. This one looks unimpressive (especially if you're just looking at the preview) but I bought a camera 'cause I wanted to do astrophotography, so this is my first successful photo of the stars.

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