This is Ash's maximum "mimic human baby to solicit pets" pose. It's very effective.

Look at her big fluffy tum!

Thumbnails from my dream where I made a badass mech comic

Probably my favorite photo of the day, just on grounds of subject matter.

A huge ship on the horizon in the sitance. Foamy waves against the rocks in the foreground.

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These are among my favorite "flowers". I don't know what they're called, but their multiple "eyes" makes them kind of unsettling, but very beautiful.

Dark pink flowers offset against a city street.

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Cairn on a rocky beach, bit of a hiking boot blurred in the background.

It fell over less than a minute after taking this picture.

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Plant of some sort. Came out a nice pastel green. We can totally pretend that that was intended and not accidentally over-brightened.

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We dehydrated some strawberries! Before and after pics. They're very photogenic.

Regardless of how terrible this watercolor paper may or may not be, it certainly erases very well, which is lucky for me. :P

Watching twitch and writing code with a cat laying next to me is heretofore unrealized levels of bliss.

Cats are hard to photograph. Black(ish) cats especially so.

Their names are Caprice and Ash, and they protect our servers. jokes

The conceit for my blobxel program is you can import some pixel art and get something blob-by and not pixel art back. It reads the input pixels and then translates them into some number of particles, then performs some simple fluid dynamics on them.

The fluid dynamic part is working pretty well. The next step is to read in the particles and render something cool. This is something simple--just rerendering the pixel art with opacity based on the density of particles.


Next bread loaf turned out better. Went back to the recipe, since apparently I very much failed to convert between volume and mass measurements properly.

(Also trying to practice my photography a little)


Like many others, I've been doing a lot of breadmaking, but in our breadmaker, so a minimum of work from me. :)

Got the water-flour ratio wrong the other day, and it came out kind of cat shaped, so we had cat sandwiches that week.

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