Little dynamic sketch of Maya. Ran out of ink mid way through. :)

Look how these basil plants have grown, deploying leaves like big old umbrellas!

I do remember what I planted in this one.

Which was everything.

I wonder what kind of plants these are.

I planted them, but I've already forgotten.

I sat down and wrote it out just for myself. Handwritten tracklist for Empath & Augur. Highly recommended for storing the emotional fingerprint of a book.

Apologies for the lack of transcription!

Sketches from work 

[Maya scales a cliff face to avoid a pursuing mech. She leaps off, charging up her laser, which recommends against firing without adequate protection. Maya says "I'll be fine", dons some sun glasses and lets loose.]

Bonus panel: [Maya lies stunned on the ground, covered in scorch marks. She was not fine]

Did a silly action sequence comic of Maya vs. an unspecified bug-like mech. Very much inspired by the OG space heroine Samus.

It was pretty liberating to throw this together in an hour or so. No agonizing over coloring in the lines (though I did do the sketches for the poses ahead of time, as I am want to do)

Transcription and bonus panel in replies.

More blue ink 

Photo of a sketch, vaguely body horror 

Did a test run of a panel in watercolor. I think it turned out quite nicely.

Also, it turns out having a variety of brushes is also useful

I have my space colored fountain pen inked up with Colorverse Black Hole for the announcement tomorrow.

I'm not a nerd, you're a nerd!

(I'm so excited)

You know, this might be the first winged person I've drawn since...high school?

I've got an inkling to do a set of comics in watercolor. What's the right way to go about this? Do out a whole page and hope I don't make any mistakes? Do each panel individually and then try and color correct it into something cohesive afterwards? Are inconsistencies in size okay or will they just look terrible?

Also, which do you like better? The pencil-only or the version where I've done the lines over in pen? (Other tips also welcome)

Usually digital-only artist

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