is... this critique partner negging? lmao 

Here's how I responded, if you're curious. I deleted the parenthenticals less we get into an email shitfest, though that is still and always a possibility

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Finally finished this sucker. Was done with the "drawing" part of it ages ago, but spent forever tweaking the colors and the lighting, only to go with the simplest option in the end.

Illustration from the very last scene of my novel

If you wanna read it, the first act is available for free on my site. :)

This drawing kinda just came out while I was doodling. This is probably Lucine from my story.

Unclear whether the eyebrows are canon.

What I'm currently up to:

Dramatic lighting + perspective + hands -- it took a lot of work to get to the point where this is recognizeable.

I wrote that blog post that had a little bit about my enby-hood and my writing, and it's always been a little weird to refer to Sebastian as "man" and Erika as "woman", so have a little pride art!

Face is adequately un-uncanny, lighting acceptable. This panel is done. Excuse the dutch angle, I just suck at screenshotting

(BTW, anatomy advice appreciated if you have any.)

Uploaded this painting of Maya in some scifi armor.

Largely informed my palette and style for the comic I'm working on. Unfortunately I also switched from autodesk sketch to Krita so it's been taking some trial and error to recreate it.

sharing some WIP sketches 

Was having trouble with one one of the poses in my comics, did some sketches to try to work it out. By attempt 3 or 4 it ended up far more natural than it started.

I wanted something that was a mix of reticent and dismissive, mostly conveyed through what direction Maya was facing and whether she was facing up or down.

I ended up going with the far left on the second set of images.

A siren and a selkie walk into a bar...

I thought I'd throw my hat into with a I did for a inspired by sirens and selkies, and also cotard's delusion and <spoilers>.

Apologies in advance for:
1. dark subject matter. If you want to read, check out the content warnings first
2. purple prose. I was still in that phase when I wrote this. I kind of trimmed it down though.

If you took the time to read it, please let me know!

I'd say that about half the time I'm not wearing my coat, it's being used as a cat bed, even if the cat beds are literally right there!

I'd rather they not but they're just so darn cute. Especially when they're all snuggly together like this!

I confess, most of my progress is during our DnD sessions. It's the only time I really sit down and have absolutely nothing else to do with my eyes and hands.

Got one mini panel left, and then I get to figure out how I want to do my first ever speech bubbles in this sucker.

PS: now is the time for any (politely worded) advice on anatomy, consistency, storytelling, etc. It's always very appreciated!

Sleepy kitty using paws to cover her face!

Kills me every time

Somehow I've managed to get out of sync on my comics between mastodon entities. Page 4's already out on my other account, but I still wanted to post here to talk about some of the more art related stuff.

I feel like of all the stuff I've ever made, this is probably the best I've ever done with coloring stuff. The yellow and pink lighting was really fun, but a lot of work.

Again, any feedback folks have is welcome for future comics work.

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