I noticed I do this thing where when the characters are having an emotionally heavy conversation and I'll start describing some background element in inappropriate levels of detail.

My beta readers were both like "is this a metaphor? this feels like a metaphor" but now that I've done it again in another book I'm like...oh wait, no, this is because this is how /I/ deal with emotionally heavy conversations, lmao.

So maybe it'll work for you if you also don't really know... (1/2)

what to do with the exposition in dialog-heavy bits.

I uploaded the scene if you wanted to check it out, though read the CWs first: (2/2)

@nebulos haha mood, I would often fixate on some irrelevant detail like the pattern of the carpet or something. Not because I'm zoning out, but because I'm trying to concentrate!

@ljwrites It gets too emotionally intense if I pay attention to the other person, haha. A lot of the heaviest conversations with my partner have been had while I've been "playing" (ie running around in circles) videogames.

@nebulos Yeah, that really helps with the anxiety. I've been told to concentrate on phone calls and such when I'm playing a game or pacing or whatnot during the call--what they don't understand is that I'm fidgeting so I CAN concentrate.

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