In the process of finding a font I did a little research into why I wanted an all caps font.

Turns out there are a bunch of reasons, including being easier to hand letter, easier to predict the amount of space you need, and even being faster to read, for short pieces of text.

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@nebulos That's interesting. If you happen to to have the source about it being faster to read at hand, I'd grateful if you could link it?

@yncke This is the site where I read it, but their link to the source is broken. :/

Aesthetically I find myself drawn to caps so I'll stick to it regardless, but please share if you find anything else!

@nebulos Thanks for the link!

My go to place for all things comic fonts is Good lettering-tips and some of the fonts are free for small projects.

@nebulos I never really gave the difference in efficiency between caps / mixed case much thought. Personally I prefer mixed case, because of the nuance you can put in the capitalisation. ("The fortress of doom" is not the same thing as "the fortress of Doom" or "the Fortress of Doom".)
Lettering in American comics seems to solve that with putting words in bold, but it's not that common for Franco-Belgian, and putting text in bold is not really part of my habit.

@yncke The article mentioned the same thing, especially for Sandman (where there's a lot of "dream" vs "Dream")

I just really like the look of all caps for some reason. it's kind of mysterious why. Maybe I read to much manga lol

@nebulos Yes, indeed. (I hadn't reached that part of the article yet when I replied, got side tracked by the links. :) )

I agree - being used to one or the other will also play a large part in it. The comics I read as a child were sentence cased.

@yncke Ooh, one of those I liked so much, I went and redid all my text bubbles...

Thank you for the pointer!

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