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I have decided it's time to reveal my secret identity. It's...

...actually just another mastodon account. If you like role playing games and / or want to hear the other half of things I ramble about, feel free to give @ossifog a follow.

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Hi, everyone. I'm primarily a writer, but I keep telling myself if I just finish just one more page of comics, I'll finally be a real comic-ist.

I don't have a website yet, but hopefully I will one day. In the meanwhile, here's a screenshots from all of the three pages I've finished so far.

Looking forward to talking fiction and / or art with all of you.

Tried to art for the first time in a while.

Art is hard.

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$100 CAD per month is nothing to support a community of thousands of artists, but it is a lot for one person to afford. And that's where we have to ask all of you for help!

As stated in a pinned toot on my profile, we have two places where you can donate to •ART:


Many of you are already donating, and you have our gratitude! The rest of you, if you have the means, it would mean the world to us and our artists. :bear_hugs:

Can you call people who have the ability to cause hallucinations hallucinogenic?

Tea, biscuits and mood lighting. If I still don't get any writing done there's no hope for me.

gender musings (+) 

gender stuff (+) 

Look how these basil plants have grown, deploying leaves like big old umbrellas!

Find increasingly that when I'm stuck on dialogue that silence is actually the way forward. Easier to convey in film than novel though.

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Introducing Senators of the Solar Symposium!

Once I realized that I’d have to sunset Parhelion, I set about making a gratuitously self-indulgent standalone project to cheer myself up.

And here it is: nine alien politicians, ranging from “heroic” to “hilariously dysfunctional” with everything in between. Taking cues from Star Wars extras, weird legal history on Earth, Terra Ignota, and more.

Get it for free (or name your price) now!

it's ya boi back with some more angst poems 

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Did you know you can subscribe to #PeerTube channels from #Mastodon?

Just paste the PeerTube channel's address into the search box on Mastodon, click search, then click follow.

Here are some examples:

@chrisweredigital - Popular tech-themed video blog by Chris Were

@animation - Creative Commons Animations

@documentaries - Creative Commons Documentaries

@blender - Official Blender channel

@ajroach42 - Old public domain films and serials

More #MastoTips:

I can see the surface of my desk in the first time in months!


The first page of my book is an ominous prophecy that outlines the main conflict of the story, and serves as a framework for all future prophecies contained within. Let me know what you think, constructive criticism encouraged.

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Fuck this marketing bullshit.
Fuck Silicon Valley.
Fuck the startup culture.
Fuck capitalism.
Have a good day! :)

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