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Have we done a here yet? Either way, here's mine!

My passion is but if I'm being honest, I write (and read) basically all speculative fiction that isn't medieval fantasy. I have a finished novel that I'm querying with, and a bunch of short stories I'd love to improve on.

Looking for a fellow not-fantasy-speculative writing partner to swap ideally long form fiction, but also open to short fiction.

Please boost so others can join in!

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I had a realization that folks might be more inclined to give my book a read if I split into slightly more digestible chunks. Act 1 Part 1 up now, more to come.

This way it also gets split up into small enough chunks to pull out the music recommendation from my writing playlist. This ones's In the Woods Somewhere by Hozier:

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I have decided it's time to reveal my secret identity. It's...

...actually just another mastodon account. If you like role playing games and / or want to hear the other half of things I ramble about, feel free to give @ossifog a follow.

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Hi, everyone. I'm primarily a writer, but I keep telling myself if I just finish just one more page of comics, I'll finally be a real comic-ist.

I don't have a website yet, but hopefully I will one day. In the meanwhile, here's a screenshots from all of the three pages I've finished so far.

Looking forward to talking fiction and / or art with all of you.

I actually got a remarkably big influx of feedback and was feeling a little overwhelmed, but I feel on top of it all at last. Ready to just sit down and go back to writing, which I'm always happy to do, just cuz I love being able to work on this story :P

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This weekend I swapped manuscripts with a writer who a) vaguely similar genre b) similar balance of exposition dialog c) pretty similar level of experience (AFAICT). Finally a match after all this time.

I haven't written any non-binary characters yet, but there sure a lot of first person narrators who don't specify a gender in my stories...

@amwriting The poll is complete! Dialogue wins out over exposition, almost 2 to 1.

Fascinatingly the first bits of the poll were pretty evenly split, but dialogue won out at the end.

Also much of the discussion below focused on dialogue, and whether people enjoyed it, found it difficult, or both. So it seems attitude towards dialogue is probably more the decider than attitude towards exposition.

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People are leaving comments on my book

-hides under a table-

why did I want this lol

is... this critique partner negging? lmao 

Here's how I responded, if you're curious. I deleted the parenthenticals less we get into an email shitfest, though that is still and always a possibility

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Latest update in my quest to find writing buddies:

Found this public google group and posted a bunch there:
So we'll see if we get any bites.

Also signed up for, which I'm not 100% sure about, but I'll give it a go.

Also, anyone on mastodon looking for a critique partner or just has some stuff they'd like to swap for feedback already has my attention :)

Apparently I can't vote in my own poll, but I prefer dialogue! For some reason the exercise of putting something in a character's voice really tickles me. It also shows cuz my exposition is usually very minimal, perhaps overly so...

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Do you prefer writing dialogue or exposition?

Reply to say why!


Also since I'm not writing I guess I'll go back to my comic.

tf was I doing? Where are my notes?

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Well, since I left my notebook...somewhere, I'm not doing any writing this weekend. Or until I find it :da_sweat:

But been doing some critiquing instead. Went to a writer's workshop hosted by some coworkers. Also been trying to crit every sci-fi story that comes through Been highly variable in quality, but there have been some pretty good stories too. Someone from said coworker-group is also reading my novel's opening, which is very exciting.

What do you think, form rejection or personalized rejection? 

Thank you for sending me the first chapters of EMPATH & AUGUR, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, however, I cannot offer you representation as that special "spark" just wasn't there for me during the reading. The industry is really tough at the moment so I'm being very picky. There might definitely be agents out there more suited to your style and genre.

Many thanks, and wishing you all the best of luck with the querying,

Just signed up for as well. Will let you know how it goes.

Anyone on the fediverse looking for feedback from fellow writers? Hit me up for sci-fi and cross-genre speculative stuff.


I had an idea that might be kinda weird but also kinda cool:

In my book sometimes magic shit happens, but at the moment it's not super obvious when someone is being bewitched. It's probably something I could brush up in the editing pass, but I could also...

...switch to the present tense for the duration of the spell. That would make it really obvious something different is going on.

Gimmicky, or making use of the fact it's written word?:thinking_rotate:

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