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I have decided it's time to reveal my secret identity. It's...

...actually just another mastodon account. If you like role playing games and / or want to hear the other half of things I ramble about, feel free to give @ossifog a follow.

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Hi, everyone. I'm primarily a writer, but I keep telling myself if I just finish just one more page of comics, I'll finally be a real comic-ist.

I don't have a website yet, but hopefully I will one day. In the meanwhile, here's a screenshots from all of the three pages I've finished so far.

Looking forward to talking fiction and / or art with all of you.

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A flocculent spiral galaxy is one where there aren't well defined spiral arms, such as M63 (shown). #astrophoto

I'm really in to 

Longboard update: Definitely getting better at it. But the wind was better at pushing my board around than I was.

Dear diary,
Today I became a sail...

I could spend hours doing nothing but listening to music and imagining choreographed fight scenes to go with it.

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Anyone have a database where you can match up physical sensations to the corresponding emotional response?

I think I've got a malfunction where I register the former but not the latter.

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Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

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thinking about these little portable scissors my friend has that are really cute

I admit, I'm kinda used to learning how to do things in a more structured way. So I'm definitely looking forward to just messing around until I get the hang of it.

Here's to scrapes and bruises. :)

Bought my first skateboard---a shortish longboard. I'm having fun trying to build up speed and then chasing after it inevitably gets away from me.

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I need some movie suggestions! I’m looking for ones with a protagonist that is irritating/whiny for much of the movie. Double points if they are a Chosen One. Movie can be good or bad in of itself.

The first Harry Potter, Star Wars episode two/three, and Black Calderon come to mind as examples, but I need more!

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There's A Monster Inside This Post 

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Happy #WorldOceansDay! While space may be the final frontier, understanding our own helps scientists as they explore space & study how our universe came to be. Celebrate today by exploring how our ocean informs research throughout the solar system: 

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Omg! I have an exciting and maybe wholesome idea, like we should just have some kind of fan art day, but where we do fan art for each other on here!

Either people's 'sonas, or other stuff.

It'd be like the subtoot day, but instead everyone will be drawing Mint and fawning over them! :minthappy:

Finding myself making a spreadsheet to do this one part of my writing, it's really sucking the fun out of it.

Sketches from work 

Would rather be eaten alive by my offspring or starve defending my clutch spider/octopus style than that.

That's a level of existential terror I'm not willing to confront

There are moths that don't have mouths. They emerge from their chrysalises, mate, and then wait to die.

Honestly once I learned this I haven't really been the same since.

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