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I have decided it's time to reveal my secret identity. It's...

...actually just another mastodon account. If you like role playing games and / or want to hear the other half of things I ramble about, feel free to give @ossifog a follow.

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Hi, everyone. I'm primarily a writer, but I keep telling myself if I just finish just one more page of comics, I'll finally be a real comic-ist.

I don't have a website yet, but hopefully I will one day. In the meanwhile, here's a screenshots from all of the three pages I've finished so far.

Looking forward to talking fiction and / or art with all of you.

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🍄 Icones mycologicæ, ou Iconographie des champignons de France principalement Discomycetes,
Paris: P. Klincksieck, L. Lhomme, successeur, 1905-10.

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Anybody want to get paid to make cc-by-sa licensed clip art and video game sprites?

I need some art work for some things, and I'd rather 1) hire someone to make it, 2) ensure it's released under an open content license.

What do you think?

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Comet Hale-Bopp Over Val Parola Pass

Image Credit & Copyright: A. Dimai, (Col Druscie Obs.), AAC #APoD

One day I'm going to release a piece of musical dada-ism that's just me warbling chrismas words into a mic for 5 minutes straight.

And like, eight key changes.

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Also I refuse to spell chrismas correctly.

To the Chris's and Christine's of the world, this one goes out to you.

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The only thing worse than the incessant chrismas music is the incessant over-embellished-to-the-point-of-musical-meaninglessness chrismas music.

Was reading through an old story I started and was "damn, this is really compelling. I wonder what happens next"

Which is why I stopped writing it. Couldn't figure out what happens next.

If any of you all are nostalgic for Tamagatchis, Pakka Pets is really good on android (dunno about apple).

Their ad servers seem to be broken so be sure to drop an in app payment if you're able.

My partner has been glugging the dutch propaganda and all the stroads nearly gave them an aneurysm.

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Our trip was to LA, btw. What a nightmare of urban planning. We hiked a large hill and just urban sprawl with a tiny spike of buildings from the downtown, miles and miles away.

It's like someone asked "what were the worst parts of American city design" and said "Let's only do that"

Two days back from our trip and cat behavior still erratic. No number of snuggles can sate them.

Decided my inspired illustration of Sebastian is done enough. It's not as fancy your average Mucha art, but I think it's got the gist of it.

(Boosts welcome!)

Been doing more art stuff lately but haven't posted any of it.

Distracted myself from my comic stuff by getting it in my head to do a mucha-style illustration of Sebastian.

Working on the line work now. Constructive criticism welcome!

# mastoart

Out of town for a week and now that we're back these cats are clingy as fuck.

It's easy to forget they might actually love us.

I'm a convert. It's nice to have a fully functional art program.

For anyone else who's doing art on an Android or chromeos.

is just unresolved platonic tension the show.

My heart can't take it.

I wonder if anyone uses
to unstick . It seems a harmonious fit.

Big ass fly got in the flat, cats were chasing it. Several minutes later, no sign of the fly.

Well done cats. You've paid your rent for the day.

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