Art people, what drawing apps/programs are you using lately?
It's Clip Studio for me and I'd probably be all into Procreate if I had an iPad.

@mrrg Same. ^^ I do have an iPad, and I do use Procreate occasionally, but Clip Studio is where it's at. 👍

used Sai, but i go for #krita. so much light software, fast, and many customizations.
lead pencil and mechanical pencil too


I use a PC with a Wacom One pen display. For a few years now i've been using Clip Studio for planning and sketching, and Inkscape for ink and color.

honestly the 3D capability of clip studio is impressive, lately i've been using the 3D engine to pose ripped models of pokemon for sketching

@tsunderdog I have a Wacom One also, really great for the price ✌️
And yeah, I'm using only a fraction of what CSP can do, I'm always finding new capabilities on it and am impressed


It is a vector drawing program, not paint/pixel oriented.

It helps me overcome age-related hand shakiness and artistic skill deficiency.

Others use it very effectively. I hope you fall in love with it.

@Algot I'm glad it helps you create 😁 I've experienced curmudgeonly people over going digital but that's absolutely the jam.
I need to practice my vector work, I'm such a pixel-pusher lol

@mrrg Procreate on iPad because its easy to pick up and draw anytime. But I don’t have clip for iOS.

@mrrg Krita all day, every day. Be still my FOSS heart

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