Taking a break by watching a short horror game lets play
My wife, unaware I am taking a break, is sitting in the recliner next to mine
There was a jumpscare
You can guess the rest

Drawn by my son Carl in response to an insect (probably a katydid) showing up in our bathroom

✨Comic Update Daaay!✨ Two new pages in which baby Al doesn't appreciate this human's dumb sense of humor ea.asmodrawscomics.com/comic/p #exorcismacademy #webcomic #update

Ah, followed by my first pornbot here. Little Mastodon is growing up so fast.

While I've been traveling, I've actually fallen behind in my webcomics reading. It is going to be fun to catch up with reading in large batches. For some of the comics, that's probably a more natural way to read them anyway.

Oh, and I had Hertog Jan beer with it. I know it's one of the major beer breweries here in the Netherlands but I was not familiar with it. It worked well with the momos.

I made the mistake just now of looking it up on ratebeer dot com. Damn, that site is so pretentious.

We went to a very good nepalese place tonight. We shared the dishes. As always, my favorite were momos with sesame sauce. It never looks like very much to eat but then afterward I'm absolutely stuffed

I was interviewed by AsexualArtists.com and the interview went live yesterday.

You can check it out here:


Yesterday I grilled pork tenderloin which had been marinated in teriyaki and I thought I had died and gone to Flavor Heaven. High sodium for one serving, but I was (mostly) careful for all other meals, so my daily total didn't add up to much.

I've been on a low sodium diet since all the heart stuff went down. In my case it isn't strictly necessary because I've never had problems with blood pressure. Anyway I now realize just how much salt contributes to the flavor of things. My wife, who does most of the cooking (before you ask: I am on kitchen cleanup duty), has been putting all kinds of herbs and stuff in everything ... and I can't taste any of it. I just want to grab that salt shaker!


I think we might go out for Indian buffet today and I am unreasonably excited about it

Tfw a webcomic on your pull list comes back from a very long hiatus and you cannot remember at all what it was about

Pretty much stuck at home recovering for the week, so I guess I'm going to watch a *lot* of SGDQ

(sorry I don't ordinarily tell the same joke both here and on birdsite but I'm too proud of this one)

[Ganondorf's withered corpse turns to look at the viewer]

Ordinary person: AUGH! Run away!

Artist: He'll be fine, this happens to me all the time, he just needs to remember to keep drinking water

surgical scars 

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