I was about to post "I am very excited about having a zen day!" but then I realized how incongruous that seems.

I told twitter that I was staying off for the day because I'm too busy with work, but that doesn't apply to you, Mastodon. We're here for each other.

I had one of those "oh hey, that's a really good idea" dreams and of course I can't remember it because that's how brains "work" and yes, I put air quotes around "work".

Spouse, who cooked tonight: ok, who wants seconds?

Me: I -

S: I'll bet you don't just want seconds, you want hours

Me: ...

Me: May I just point out that *I* am the teller of dad jokes here?

Zoom meetings where you don't have to have your camera on and can stay muted are the best, he said from the bathroom.

Me, writing a referee report: "I found the discussion in this paragraph very confusing and I am an expert in the subject, so one can imagine how confusing it will be for a general audience."

*A Few Seconds Later*

Me: oh wow, I sound like a total smart ass, let me delete that

*A Few Seconds Later*

Me: screw it, I'm going to leave it in

Me: So today I plan to...

You: Stop, we've heard this before. You're going to try to get some work done while listening to video game soundtracks

Me: what? no!

Me: ...

Me: ok yes but today it's anime soundtracks

Tfw you're thanked in the acknowledgments of a paper, but you don't recognize the author's name, have no memory of ever talking to them, and no record of email correspondence with them.

"Our thanks go to the anonymous reviewers ... and to Michael Kinyon for his hints on the independence of the axioms"

Hey, you're welcome, whoever you are!

I have the Mah Nà Mah Nà song stuck in my head.

If I read the wikipedia article about it, that should cure me.

I am busy with writing today and am also listening to the Gerudo Valley theme. My brain wants to type to the rhythm but when I do that eveyrhthig hqeta all mmessead upp

Sitting in my zoom office hours, my own face staring back at me. God, what a handsome devil.

✨HEY did you know I made 7 Beefcake Chest Hair brushes and now you too can save your wrist and your time with these bad boys!✨ gumroad.com/l/VToRx

From Adrian, 16. Mixed media, mostly white pencil and gouache

'Everything in the past is cringy." -- Me, wondering how long it will take for this to seem cringy.

Since I had to have an echocardiogram yesterday, I am now in short-term quarantine from the rest of the family. This means I don't have to do dishes, woohoo!

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