I got that island game everybody is playing. Myst or whatever. I can't find my tent

I remember belong to a New Agey email list a long time ago (don't ask) and there was a member who finally decided that online life wasn't for them because how can you trust people with whom you've "never shared breath"?

Good luck with that philosophy now, wherever you are

heard two cis dudes at Marvel are introducing a pair of nonbinary heroes named (i shit you not) "Snowflake" and "Safespace". i figured i should do them a solid and design a pair of cisgender superheroes for them as well, since i know how hard up for representation cis folks are

Teaching online in the spring quarter = teaching without pants

We've gotten the official word: next quarter's classes will be online for at least the first two weeks. That's March 30 through April 10. I'm sure it will end up being the whole term.

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It looks pretty likely that my class next quarter (my university is on the quarter system) will be online. I have some experience teaching online but I've never used Zoom or things like that. This will be interesting!

For about a year, I've been planning to go to a conference in Aussois, France (close to northern Italy) to given an invited address at the end of March. But the prospect of being quarantined upon my return, wearing a surgical mask all the time, etc makes it seem not as fun as it would have been. Plus as a former open heart patient, I'm in a high risk category anyway. So now I am leaning toward not going. Which is bumming me out, of course.

Webcomic culture is going back to read one of your old pages as reference for a current page, finding a joke you forgot you made and losing it.

I'm here to bring all the rainbows and sunshine.

(sits in a corner and scowls)

Come with me
And you'll be
In a world of pure procrastination
Scroll the page
And retweet
No work, just recreation
We'll begin
With a spin
Traveling in
This world of degradation
What we'll see
Will defy

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I don't crosspost between here and twitter. (And I don't judge those of you who do, it's just not for me.) But I have to share a 100ish day old tweet here because it is just that kind of day and it's very important.

None of my Oscar predictions have ever been wrong.

(just think about it for a second)

The hearing aids are also bluetooth-enabled and I mostly have them paired with my phone. So they act as earbud replacements too, although not surprisingly, they don't boost bass as well as earbuds.

Also when I answer the phone with them, I get weird looks because unlike airpods and other wireless earbuds, you can't see the hearing aids unless you're looking very closely.

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I've been one week so far with hearing aids, mostly to manage the tinnitus. It's going well. I find I'm not saying "what?" as often when I'm addressed. I was at a huge social gathering last weekend and I could actually understand what people near me were saying.

They don't actually eliminate the tinnitus but they give me more to hear and focus on so that the constant hissing fades, unless I'm thinking about it (like right now).

Javascript one-liner for detecting the gender of a person in a photograph (using your favorite imaging library of choice):

function detectPersonGender(photograph) {

Good morning! It doesn't matter what your accomplishments are today, whether you knock a dozen items off of your to-do list or you just manage to be awake for a little while. You are an Amazing Person and you deserve good things. Don't let anyone, whether it be family, "friends", or other idiots on the internet tell you otherwise.

Trying to decide if it's important to shave before going to the optometrist

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