porn site mention 

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beachy boobies, umm drug pattern 

oh man i'm sorry i haven't been here much! I'm working on a lot of comic stuff I can't really show and also bad at just managing accounts on three instances haha

what are you working on!! show me

hi campers! whatcha workin on today

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Woo hello Comics Camp! Took me a while to get sorted but HELLO again. I'm Fefe(prnounced "Fef-fee")/Feff and I am the sole creator of Teagirl (a comedic and mildly violent superhero comic) over at I can't wait to get to know you all! <3 Here's some of my favourite pages that I made in 2018!

oh boy i am surly today but how are YOU

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introductions, partial nudity, tentacles 

the next page i have to draw then ink then render can be described as “a character checks their phone when they’re not supposed to”. it will take me like ten hours

one of the comic stores in town is relocating and having a big sale so i got these hardcover beauties for $4 each and they’re GREAT

I now I have pronouns and an avatar so I'm ready to INTERACT

introductions, partial nudity, tentacles 


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