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Here is the original reference photo. It was taken in early 2016 by either me or one of my family members, I don't remember.

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Wish I had some more words, sentences, and letters

I'm like slightly more than half done with this really elaborate piece I can't wait to work on it more

I don't think I've had a meme get me as well as vibe check does in a while

I think I underestimated just how much cabbage one cabbagehead is

I did some painting directly on a 3d render I made and some parts were hard but some parts came together instantly it was so cool

I love my dog he's always under my bed in the morning and I can reach between the wall and the bed while lying down to pet him

Thank you SU for Spinel, some good tunes, and little else

Made a list for low frequency posters. It's a great companion to my standard timeline. It and a mutual list are absolute essentials

I've used photoshop cc, krita, GIMP, and clip studio paint now. From what I can tell, only krita and GIMP have fully featured dedicated CTA controls. CSP only has CTA for the color white. Photoshop seems to not have the functionality at all.

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What is with paid art programs being allergic to fully featured and accessible color to alpha functions

It was very fun to set up this smartphone projector. I want to try to put together a more permanent one.

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Name for the sadness you feel when a really good group chat you're in lulls or even dies

So today's research oddysey is on making custom-tailored clothes

I found out that you can make a makeshift projector with just a magnifying glass and a smartphone(brightness on full) in a completely dark room. Put the two implements roughly a foot apart and a 3ish meters away from the wall. Good for projecting trippy visualizer music videos onto whatever. It's just crisp enough to use for tracing things as well, such as sewing patterns so you don't have to print them out. are you familiar with Valentina? I recently discovered it. It's a free open source clothes pattern-making program with tools to customize patterns to personal measurements I haven't used it, but the codebase is being actively updated and its features look very rich

Just remembered the existence of the Bigger Luke theory and I'm dying laughing

I found a puffy vest that fits well and looks cool the other day which as we all know is one of the top ten thrift store finds

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