Typo in the last post is slowly killing me but I won't redraft I don't think

Fall is coming again and that means its time to expose myself as one of those people will never shut up about Over the Garden Wall

Saw my 6th grade yearbook today and its so weird how familiar the full names of pretty much everyone in my grade were. I'm so bad with names now even if I really get along with someone it takes me a bit.

Finding people to follow is always so time consuming, whew

an upsetting and outdated ship, neg 

food, + 

I made a logo for my about and the acanthus took me forever to get right but it was totally worth it

I'm really proud of the way this turned out. I made the tiling out of blender's brick texture which is definitely a technique I'll be using again.

Adventure Time is fascinating as a cultural landmark and it's so weird to have literally grown up with it from ages 10 to 18, it felt like such a constant. The songs at the end of the finale made me cry like uncontrollably and I was kinda shocked tbh since its hard for me to cry, unfortunately.

The bass riff near the end of Little Dark Age makes me lose my shit every time

Haven't been on this particular beach since I was a little kid. You could see underwater due to the sun's angle and I felt compelled to wade in the surf up to my thighs in my jeans because I'm wild like that. It was fun

I haven't dogposted here yet and that's a crime, honestly

I tried to write LGBT in emoji here but it was a bit of a struggle. B&T have easy homophones, sauropods are cute and look like an L, I went with just the rainbow flag for G because nothing looks enough like a G in the emoji library dammit

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