New month. New feather.
That’s Feather of The Month Club.

This month we have a robin's breast feather. This is a sure sign that spring has arrived!

This particular feather is just floating through a nice spring day, representing the lightness you feel inside when the days get longer and the world starts to green.

This semester has shifted my whole storytelling perspective and while I can't tell where this will lead yet, I'm excited just to be traveling this path.

Funky mid-week story drop.

Positive Visualization A

Payment optional. I will accept smiles and particularly cool looking rocks as valid currency.

"Rain on sharp mountain"
Inks on alder

Real fun to do! The inks are waterproof so you can wet the board for a different experience. Rain drops are just naturally occuring grain.

I've never done commissions but if anyone's interested I might be up for doing some fantasy landscapes on boards. It would be a nice break from schoolwork. 😄

New month. New feather. That's Feather of The Month Club.

This month we have a chickadee feather. Chickadees, also known as "Shrub Pirates" are said - by me - to be the prettiest songbirds in the world.

This particular chickadee feather represents that little song in your heart. You know... the one that makes you want to sail the high hedge, fight squirrels and find buried sunflower seeds.

About 10% of all ice goblins are born with enlarged middle fingers... Silvi always wished she was one of them.

This morning I pulled out my inks to do a study of @viciousviscosity 's avatar. This one was challenging because:

a) I don't draw a whole lot of people.

b) The variety of colorblindness that I have makes pink a difficult color for me to work with.

c) I started with white paper, and had no idea how to arrive at the correct skin color using only transparent / semi-transparent ink washes.

@nebulos said we could join in so here's my addition. The Shipping News by Annie Proulx. This is one of those books I've read over and over again. Annie pulls you in, paints pictures in your head, and leaves you wondering what day/time it is and where you might have wandered off to.

It also features several fun knot-based illustrations on chapter pages.

A painting of the cedars at Hie shrine in Shuzenji, Izu, .

It was an incredible trip and two weeks of / living on the road in the Japanese summer definitely changed me. Want to know how? Buy my fake ebook! 🍍

You found a Blue Jay Feather!

This specific Blue Jay Feather symbolizes friendship, hope, and the promise of a new year. Other blue jay feathers probably mean death or something and idk... I wouldn't go near them.

- Feather of The Month Club

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