I've seen some discussions about whether people should stop ordering things online and I wanted to give my perspective. (Disclaimer: I'm no expert, I just load delivery trucks for a living.)


I think the debate about "necessity" is a way to move goalposts, and I think it's a lot more helpful to consider whether you need something or just want it. Right now might not be the best time to prioritize wants because the supply chain is just other people (a lot of people, actually) and other people get sick. So I guess my perspective is that it's the wrong question. I think the right question is whether you need what you buy? If you need it, I don't think anyone can fault you for getting it

My approach has been to make a list of the things I want. When this has passed, and I can be reasonably assured I'm not placing other people in danger just to get them, I'll come back to that list and start buying. I know that approach won't work for everyone, but I would encourage us all to think about procuring goods in a way that lowers both personal risk and the risk we place others in.

Does any of this help?

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