@duck_errant Nm, just had dinner, trying to figure out what to do with myself this fine evening.

You? ☺️

@Rheall Just had a burrito! Settling in to read some comics. Went to the library earlier and picked up Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire, and Blacksad by Juan Diaz Canales / Juanjo Guarnido 😄

@duck_errant Oooo, nice! A capital way to spend a Saturday night. 👍

@Rheall Definitely. I slept in and then did homework / played & wrote music. Did I hear you picked up a keyboard? That's exciting!

@duck_errant Yes!! And I got an email today saying it should be arriving tomorrow!! Only problem is I forgot to put our buzzer number on the shipping address, so I probably won't know it'll be delivered and will have to pick it up somewhere… aaagggghhh

But I'm very excited! I played the clarinet for 8 years in school, but I've always wanted to learn piano. 🎼

@duck_errant I feel like I don't have the head for writing music at all, so the people who do are so inspirational to me. :D Again, what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!!

@Rheall You're super creative. I'm sure you'll do great. Maybe you can convince @turtlestory to break out her bass and form a netband. We've got everything for recording now 😄

@Rheall Aaaa! Clarinet! I played that too. Sometimes I miss my hoot stick. Piano is awesome, though, and keyboards are super versatile.

@duck_errant Pretty good (I think)! I've seen some posts from a few contributors, not all of 'em, though. I should probably post a reminder at some point probably tomorrow or something...

@David_A_Webcomic Nice! I have finished I think pretty much nothing I had planned to finish this year. I've got a con coming up in a little over a month... no idea what I'll be showing this year... I thought about doing weird little sculptures or maybe do an event where I paint portraits on trash and call it "become a garbage". Idk. Good on you for finishing things 😄

@duck_errant 👋👋 not much! Managed to (mostly) sleep the night after watching Us, so calling that a win 😂

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