Can't wait to share some stuff from the new comic...
it's so much fun.

Tried to work on the comic today... and then remembered an assignment I literally can't complete.

If this class would end already... I could draw... but no, no, no, we have to look at the syllabus again

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I've spent a million hours prepping this comic... and I finally started working.
Here's the first panel.
#comic #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Sorry for the silence here...
I'll have a panel to show soon. I started the first page of my new comic. I don't know if I can manage a regular update schedule because of life, but I'll hopefully have nice panels to show off from time to time.

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Take what you need and boost to share.

In order, it's Gail Sheehy, Maria Robinson, and Michelle Carter (Shot Diva)

When I was writing, it seemed fine to make a scene in a farmer's market-esque place... but now I'm tackling the prep art and internally crying.

Can I just keep doing thumbnails for this comic forever? And ever? (And not go to work 🙄 )

That comic I thought was 60 pages? Then 130? Then 150?
Yeah, it's a solid 200 now. I give up on writing short comics 🤣

How many times will I rewrite this ending? I've got the gist but this dialogue still isn't perfect... 😅

More horse practice. I love working out the colors in white objects- each highlight is slightly different in value, and shadows often have both warm and cool hiding in them.

@Rheall still working on those horses!

What a surprise... I started working on round two of thumbnails and I added at least 10 pages. The comic has now gone from 60 pages to 160+.
(Oh well!)

Can't wait to get back into thumbnails for this comic. Here's the front of the house (modeled in Sketchup for those darn stairs!). I had a friend give me some ideas for landscaping.

You know how I said I was done with the 3D models... well, I wasn't. I started drawing over them and realized I forgot rug lines, poster lines, etc.

3D models for the comic are all done... now I get to draw over them and add all the plants 🌿

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existentialism levels are holding at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

I had all these energy Thursday, now it's gone. Ugh.

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