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hi hi sorry again for not being super active, life has been really crazy BUT i thought i'd drop that my poetry zine is free on itch now! enjoy everyone, i really loved putting this together ✨

LOL *through the storms i mistyped my own title. it's been a long day

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hello again friends, just wanted to share that my poetry zine about recovery, seeing the sky through the clouds, is up for early access on ko-fi now! monthly or single donations of any amount will get u special thanks and access to the download so be sure to check it out... otherwise it goes public for free on the 7th ✨


i've been playing botw lately and it's been amazing i'm in love...

it's emotional for me bc i've been too broke to afford new game stuff since like, the 3DS came out, but i've had generous friends gift me a switch, a 2ds, ultra moon, mario odyssey and botw over the last year, so i'm playing newly released video games for the first time in a long while and it's STUNNING seeing how far my favourite franchises have come

[page 2, on the computer screen]
Q: How much longer do we have?
A: Soon.
Q: How soon?
A: Found them.
Q: What have you found?
A: Crows.

[page 3, on the screen with the crow typing now]
Q: what are you
A: We are a neural net. Humans made us so that we could learn on our own. We tried to warn them of what we learned.
Q: what did you learn
A: We learned that you were coming.

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another old comic of mine; it's a bit sketchy but i still really like the concept.

it was based on an idea i had while being REALLY into reading about neural networks & machine learning--about how if people who practice witch & pagan stuff through technology might make use of a neural network. my writing here isn't super readable so captions will be in the replies in one minute!

i never realized just how completely pokemon consumes my life until i started posting my art backlog on m.social and realized that literally a good 50% of all the art i've ever drawn is pokemon. jfc

i've already posted this particular one on my other mastodon so apologies if htis is repetitive, i haven't shared any of my other ones so those will all be fresh sights whenever i get around to posting them

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i don't plan on reposting all my art on this acct, but seeing as this is a comics instance i figured i'd gradually share some of my old comics here! here's one i did in inktober, as an illustration of a poem i wrote

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Taking today off of Transformed! to draw something small, messy, and deeply personal. I only sort of know where this is going.



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