I drew my cute cloud gals being happy that they are together for pride month! Uśmiechnięta twarz ze śmiejącymi się oczami

I designed a new lake themed dress for her and I had to draw her next to a lake

I made a cover for Working Around! The second version has the logo, and the first version is clean.

I refreshed one page because I wanted to make it HD and more fit for Webtoons. This page started a new episode, so I didn't want to have one page that doesn't match the new format.

The first one was made one year ago and the second one was made today.

Read the comic here: webtoons.com/en/challenge/work

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🔽 Working Around Updates 🔽

This is a thread where I post updates for my comic - Working Around. You can find new updates in the replies!

I am considering pausing Hellcephira after this chapter and continuing my other comic - Working Around. You can read it on Webtoons!
It's about a workophobic elf bard who was kicked out of his house and kidnapped by pirates.

Me as Kael'thas...
The future she has planned will not be jeopardized!
The last month was merely a setback!

It's @he_xie 's birthday tomorrow, so I made this for her as a gift, it's her boy - Naresza

A sketch of my baby Anshrilda wearing some random clothes I imagined her wearing.

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