I made this header for my new WordPress site. I had so much fun with the background that I forgot that it was supposed to be simple 😟

I forgot to post it as well, I made it for Adiaz Rue (it's his character)

It was supposed to be a revenge on art fight, but I ran out of time so I made this for him as a gift.

So I made a random warm up sketch and ended up with this. This is my OC - Anshrilda.

I love learning to paint backgrounds 😍

Event reward for: X.
"Just draw one of your characters maybe Luciferimus"
I was surprised to see this request, but thank you for picking this option.

Event reward for: Ola
Haku from Spirited Away

I got carried away with the background ;_;

Event reward for: Lolthara
"Gelu from HoMM 3 but make him look hot not how he looks like ingame please thank you so much"
I don't know how well I did at making him hot, but I tried. Sorry for delaying my rewards, I've been practicing drawing backgrounds.

Before and after redraw pic of my comic's first chapter image. The first picture was made in 2015, the second one today. You may give me some suggestions on how I could improve the second one, thanks.

I wanted to check what it's going to look like if I try to paint some of my own locations, so I re-drew this building from the first page of my comic (Originally drawn in 2015)

Yet another background art studies. This time I only followed the reference to some degree and then went bananas again.
This is fun!

My background art studies. I used a reference for this, but at some point our ways split. I'm not that happy with it, I got to practice a bit more. At some point i just started to use all brushes I thought would be useful, I love Krita brushes!

One of my least known OCs - Thornasolei.

Thornasolei is possibly the most powerful humanoid being in the comic's universe, but she doesn't grasp the concept of sexuality and she hates wearing clothes which causes fights with her brother - King Beelzeberiad when he invites her over for royal parties.

My two recent ArtFight submissions. The first one is for AglitterGoddess and the second one is for crowfangs

Event reward for: Kernel

"chaos space marine from warhammer 40k, they are red, any design"

Event reward for: Spejswitch

"Kajou Ayame - it's from an anime Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai"

This is a sketch of my comic OCs in an alternative reality where they met each other in WoW. He is playing a feral druid and she is playing a death knight tank.

This sketch is based on some quick comics i drew once. In these comics I pictured struggles of Luciferimus trying to learn his class, his father being a casual tauren hunter and his mother being a hardcore raider. i might redraw them at some point

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