Before and after redraw pic of my comic's first chapter image. The first picture was made in 2015, the second one today. You may give me some suggestions on how I could improve the second one, thanks.

In second one it looks like light is a little bit too much for a ghost, eh but do I know 😒

@Ypsilenna I've been thinking about this for a while now and i feel like the figure on the newer image drowns in the background because so much of it is white. Her being a ghost doesn't translate because of that. I personally also prefer the lighter outlines to symbolize the "ghostiness". That said I absolutely LOVE the pose and her expression on the new one!

@vanhaase So should I think of a different dress color for her? I will also try changing the lineart color a bit and see if it changes anything, thanks for your input

@Ypsilenna That would work yes, but I also really like the white of her dress bc white=death, at least in my mind. You could potentially change the background to night time again, that would make her more visible. She's missing the ghostly glow a bit.

@vanhaase I will try making another version with a black dress and maybe changing to night time in another version, then compare these two. I will post it here for you to see

@vanhaase I made these 4 versions. I think the black dress one and the night time one suit the best, what do you think?

@Ypsilenna I agree! I personally like the night time one the best but both definitely work

@vanhaase And now I will be stuck because I won't know which one to pick, lol
Thanks for your help, I had no idea why the picture kept blending in my eyes

@Ypsilenna no worries! hope you'll be able to decide eventually :D

@Ypsilenna the drawing is much better in the second one but background is better in the first one. Complex background make it harder to read the scene and character details

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