We had this event where you had to draw something using colour scheme of a character from someone's webcomic. Anyway the satyr's colours are from keltyzoid's nightlight.thecomicseries.com/ and the alkonost from BMR's ashfacesdaughter.thecomicserie
#sketch #MastoArt

also I drew some nice clouds and people liked them and asked me how i did them so I did a quick step by step, again I am not really sure how useful it is
#tutorial #mastoart #tips #IDontKnow #drawing

A sketch of my baby Anshrilda wearing some random clothes I imagined her wearing.

Pie says hello!! They are very confused about sprouts but they love u 💚 🐌 💚


I've just realized that my old domain was grabbed by an nsfw site. If you link my website anywhere, please, change the link to hellcephira.com 😕

I have been locked in a cave for years working on a boobie gradient for photoshop

Yesterday I found a mod for the Sims 4 that added ogres to the game. I spent the entire evening making ogres, building swamps and playing All Star on loop. I move game mods 🤣

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