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🔽 Working Around Updates 🔽

This is a thread where I post updates for my comic - Working Around. You can find new updates in the replies!

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🔽 Hellcephira Update Thread 🔽
:hellcephira_kiss: :hellcephira_uhoh: :hellcephira_grumpy:

This is a thread for my comic updates. You can find new pages in the replies!

there was a poem in the upper left corner but it was not in english so have this version without it

#mastoart #art #CreativeToots #oc

November challenge on my art/gaming Discord server.
"50 shades of elves - Design an elf of ANY skin tone beside natural human colors"


First November art prompt on my art/gaming discord!
"A dinosaur so absurdly hot that he would get all the females if only his survival skills matched his handsomeness"


Art for my new Discord server!
Sun-Kissed Moon Elf is a server for artists and gamers alike to come together and have some fun!
Art sharing | Gaming | Events | Giveaways + You get to be an elf!

I designed a new lake themed dress for her and I had to draw her next to a lake

I drew my cute cloud gals being happy that they are together for pride month! Uśmiechnięta twarz ze śmiejącymi się oczami

This is Deidara from Naruto after he saw the way I drew him when I was 15. It's good that he only has one eye because it will be easier to bleach it. My friend saw my old artworks of him and she told me to draw him again. Since I have willpower of steel and a bunch of my own ideas for drawings... I drew what she told me to because it was too interesting to see my progress to skip this one.

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