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🔽 Working Around Updates 🔽

This is a thread where I post updates for my comic - Working Around. You can find new updates in the replies!

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🔽 Hellcephira Update Thread 🔽
:hellcephira_kiss: :hellcephira_uhoh: :hellcephira_grumpy:

This is a thread for my comic updates. You can find new pages in the replies!

One of my old OCs as a carpet vendor. He used to be a great warrior, but now he will sell you a rug, life is wild.

My OC - Luciferimus, also known as Immy, Ferimus or Ferimy (because he's so great at sticking to one name) was home alone and decided to entertain himself with some educational videos, but unfortunately his girlfriend returned home earlier.

Anshrilda is a raptor, roar!
This drawing is based on one of my summer vacation trip photos.

My OCs - Rallosameer and Anshrilda enjoying summer.
It's a pity she won't let him eat his snack in peace tho :/

I drew my OC -Ramisallia in this shirt I found on Pinterest. I had to match a skirt and accessories myself and it was super fun.

My OCs - Rallosameer and Anshrilda on a date.
The background turned out to be more speedpaint-y than I thought, but I love it.

My OC - Rallosameer in his new suit inspired by something I found on Pinterest

My oc - Xivaillon wearing some outfit from Pinterest and shoes I found on muggerrz website

I saw this cardigan on etsy and really wanted to buy it but then i realised its some shit from aliexpress someone is reselling for 3x the price and i got so fucking mad guys so fucking mad

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