Happy holidays everyone! Today I'm celebrating by donating to The Black Resilience Fund. If you're in Portland and want to help people who need it, maybe check them out.
Black Lives Matter

are you in portland? do you like cookies and hate when police murder black people? i'm selling cookies for pick-up in SE portland tomorrow with all proceeds going to bail funds and community orgs in minneapolis


#pdx #portland

Once when I was stoned, I was convinced Set encoded the meaning of reality in the 7 of Pentacles.

If I do something productive today, then the Coronavirus wins

Hey all!
I'm trying to generate some ideas for helpful solutions around the home for my class assignment, but for solutions I need some problems 🤔
What are currently some issues/annoyances you have regarding housework? Doesn't matter how big or small!

sleep paralysis, bad dreams 

This morning I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. It happened after a series of false waking dreams, and left me uncertain of my reality. Didn't see any demons, but felt an imminent sense of danger that made me scream inside. The worst part was how my vision remained fixed on the ceiling, even while feeling myself fall out of bed and turn my head away

Has anyone else experienced these kinds of nightmares? Dream imagery is a major theme in my work

someone on twitter talking about how they don't understand how anyone connected the dots that The Matrix was a trans allegory and it's like

you take the pill, you live as your true self

that's literally it

nevermind the right wing misappropriation of something they didn't understand

Morning Tarot pull returned inverted Death: A card indicating resistance to change and inner transformation. My guide advised pulling a second card, to better understand what aspect to let go, and I drew The Hermit: A card of solitude and introspection, and the first card I ever drew when I was a little baby on my mother's lap

Goddamn, if this isn't a big trans mood, I don't know what the fuck is...

No tarot reading today friends, but I did draw a cartoon about my childhood 🤩

The Eight of Rods

Meaning: Focus your intentions to meet your goal, High energy pushes you towards success, Go with the flow and strike when the iron is hot

Geez, no pressure or anything, cards😖 Which goal am I supposed to focus on today?

Inverse King of Pentacles

"Re-examine your relationship to money. Your life might be feeling stuck, and need a break from routine"

Well I wasn't feeling stuck until you brought it up, cards... But fine, guess I'll do something unexpected today

Morning Tarot draw: inverted Nine of Pentacles
Meaning: remember your inherent self-worth, reflect on what you truly value, do not confuse money with happiness

Today is for self-love and self-investment

If people like this, I'll keep posting Tarot reads on here. It's fun to teach myself the cards, and I hope yall find it fun to learn too! 🧙‍♀️ :pentacle:

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