@Andy_P yeah I'll... never use Spotify as my main thing, haha

I turned off auto updates for iTunes so it SHOULDN'T have updated. but also sometimes iTunes is so dumb it'll do things like corrupt your library and you have to rebuild it

I "like" and use iTunes but only because I keep it on the tightest fucking leash

and it still fights me, a lot

and this is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR so I guess it's time to rein it back in again

I can technically still play the song on my phone but it forces the music app to open in a weird mode where that's all it can do, with no repeat/playlist options, and if I switch apps it stops playing

this is the thanks I get for actually PAYING for my music

apple has deeply insulted me on this day and I'm going to have to fight with iTunes later night I feel

I just wanted to buy a song and put it on my phone, but iTunes stealthily changed my settings and downloaded it in an incorrect format

(i will probably end up doing it anyway if I remember to, lol)

I can't give off the impression that I'm not at all times listening to Disturbed or 5FDP

i kinda want to do that Spotify list thing but I only really use Spotify to find new music

like I do have a playlist I used for like, a year, but I never listen to Disturbed on it so it's totally not accurately representing me

"I'll go to bed early"

<up late because every creak sounds like someone is walking into the room and there are a LOT of creaks tonight for some reason>

I ended up cleaning instead since Friday is another d&d day, so I'd have to do this tomorrow during pre-game prep and it's better to do it tonight

and now i'm tired so I think I'm going to go to bed early instead

@Rheall hey thanks for running this instance (and for .art too) 💖

i want to work on more pages tonight (and it would be a good idea to) but i'm kinda tired of staring at screens for today

maybe i should just knock out a bunch of thumbnails or something

hello yes i shade before i color, it's easier

Working on a page and something about this just struck me as very cute once i started shading, lol

do you ever wake up and just really want to punch visual studio in its stupid smug face

two of them are calm enough that they're in together with the tetras

the third one tho went around and picked fights with everyone, including chasing the tetras, so she's been separated

she's red and fiesty so her name is going to be Spitfire

I got some new bettas last night

I don't have pics yet, they're females so they're not SUPER pretty but they're still cute and I love them

@Andy_P was in my mom's car the other day and Crazy Train by Ozzy came on and I thought "what station is MOM listening to where they'd play Crazy Train?"

and I looked and it was the oldies station, lol

holy shit it's December when did that happen

I just found a note to myself that says "Terry, but angry" and I have no idea what I was trying to remember bc that's already his one mood

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