2 I read recently, 1 in high school but felt it was okay enough for an algorithm to detect and suggest stuff off of

anyway, the algorithm it actually DOES use only randomly picks shit from your list and gives you like. maybe 3 recs a day plus an ad. you can't get more.

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which is not what the ad said the app would do, but is a problem bc I haven't read much in the last 10 years, so I don't HAVE 10 books I "love"

so I bullshit a list and then it puts those on my public profile as Recommendations, and I'm like oh hell no and delete all but 3

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I downloaded this app recently that advertised itself as "give us a book title and we'll recommend books similar to it"

and I was like eh fine, I'd really like to find more similar to this one specific book so I'll try it

so first it wants you to list 10 books you love

i get substantially more heart points for a bike ride if i tell the app at the start that it's a bike ride than i do if i adjust it later, even though it tracks both

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what's the point of google fit being able to detect that yesterday's "walk" was actually a bike ride and switch categories, if it doesn't also adjust its calculation on that workout for heart points

@Andy_P Yeah I just am not into movies so I don't consider it an active part of my comic process, haha

‪wtf a black cat just walked into my apartment‬

what kind of cat would terry have

asking for a friend

oh my god i can't believe i'm still only INKING this page

i even cut a panel and it's still no where near done, please just finish yourself

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i gotta finish this page

<draws one line>

wow hoo boy that's a lot of work

me: I can't imagine having enough patience and focus to do a long animation project, I'm just too impatient haha it would never get done

also me: what if I spent the next 15-20 years working on a single webcomic

yes hello itunes i would like to buy one (1) song

iTunes: "WHAT IS... <swoops black cloak about face> ...YOUR APPLE PASSWORD?"


Every AC campsite guide: "The game will prioritize personality types you don't have as much of."

My island campsite: "Okay so you got... two lazies? How about three? Or four? No? OKAY, so, you have two cranky types, which means you must LOVE them, so how about another?"

@Rheall oh shoot i didn't know this site existed, what a cool resource!

@jendrawscomics part of me wants to say "just buy a new mouse"

and the other part of me remembers my years-long struggle to find a mouse i liked after my fav broke, and the pile of rejects I ended up with 😔

Last year I cut a bunch of t-shirts so I wouldn't have to buy tank tops for skating in summer and now I can't find any of them

a really nice thunderstorm just started up ⛈️ 💕

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