how does anyone work full time and then draw *anything* after

comic, i love you, but i am tired

I realized I'd been going to bed late like every night last week so I gave up and went to bed early, lol

I'm awake now for once BUT I'd still rather be in bed rn

CW for mentioning beer. 

@yncke yeah that's good!

I gave myself a neck/shoulder injury by over-drawing and not taking care of myself, so it's hard to "relax" with comics anymore, haha. not to say it's unpleasant but I have to make sure I'm positioned right or I'll be in pain for a week. but I do have some comfy pajamas now that I usually get out for comics 😊

I did realize last night my problem was I've been going to bed super late every night this week 😅 so I gave up and went to bed

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