Hi! I'm Emily and I make a comic called Blitz Phoenix, which is about a boy who becomes a guinea pig in his mad-scientist mother's experiments and gets superpowers (which he's really bad at using) and a brain AI, that he never gets along with.

[CW for the comic since the mom is abusive & dogs do get hurt/killed (they're also being experimented on, etc)]

My main masto is @SunScales, but that's kinda private so I wanted a more public account for talking comics!

@SunScales @SunScales Welcome to our instance! Glad to have you.

Your comic's got some pretty neat paneling. Look forward to seeing more of it.

@nebulos Thank you! I'm happy to be here and check out everyone's stuff 😊

@SunScales @SunScales hey just wanted to say that I’ve only read the first chapter so far but seeing the changes in your art from that to now is so cool!!

@laurakinney Thank you! I'm hoping to go back and redraw the first couple chapters for print, but it's hard to find time, haha.

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