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Wait have I ever told my story about how I very well could have been kidnapped as a child bc of pokemon cards

Bc it's pretty funny

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Hi! I'm Emily and I make a comic called Blitz Phoenix, which is about a boy who becomes a guinea pig in his mad-scientist mother's experiments and gets superpowers (which he's really bad at using) and a brain AI, that he never gets along with.

[CW for the comic since the mom is abusive & dogs do get hurt/killed (they're also being experimented on, etc)]

My main masto is, but that's kinda private so I wanted a more public account for talking comics!

I closed the screen door blinds since the sun is going down and mia meowed at them until I opened them again

i'd done it before i saw that dumb discussion but now i get to smile every time i draw a panel like that, lol

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drawing comic characters talking with their mouth closed and loving it bc of that one time twitter had a whole ass discussion on how that was bad

in other news one of my sims had a heart attack bc his bf was cheating on him, but their roommate seduced the grim reaper into giving his soul back

I guess that option is available if your sim is flirty when the reaper is reaping, which is hard to do when your friend is dying

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i love looking up how to do something in the sims and you find shit like this, the second post is always an update after they played for like five more minutes, lmao

panic-ordering mushroom chicken at panda bc my first entree was beef and i wanted another beef entree but thought too long about whether or not the cashier would judge me for two beef entrees

should have done it anyway πŸ˜”

i still have this saved to my pc from whatever that meme generator was a while back and it makes me smile every time

did you know 10:44 pm is prime dryer-meowing time

i've been nervous about getting new ones bc the lastt time i did, the first pair i got gave me a black eye somehow?? so i had to go back and swap them

i really don't know how it did it but it sucked

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one of these days I'm going to get new glasses that don't slide down my nose and just you wait, drawing will be 15% less annoying and I'll be invincible

the mermaids have magic powers and can cause tidal waves and are immortal, but right now one has been tied up by his sister who's threatening to kill him with <checks notes> a gun

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for anyone who's like "my story isn't good enough to make" i'm finishing up an audiobook tonight where everyone is at least 1 secret supernatural thing but some people are like vampire-werewolf-witches, mermaids live in a gated community, and also a murder mystery is happening

fucksake i can't stop sweating and i can't find my fucking drawing glove anywhere πŸ˜–

wait when did clip studio become a f2p mmorpg, why are there login bonuses

another note but bless the person who made the addon that lets you still see dislikes on youtube, you're doing good work

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ah yes, minding my own business and looking up a band i like on the youtubes, seeing they have a LOT of dislikes, thinking "that's weird", and looking into it

and finding they've said something disgusting enough to get them banned from both FB & twitter in the last 2 years πŸ˜¬πŸ˜–

deviantArt has always had that gross feature where you can display ON YOUR PROFILE the last handful of people who LOOKED at your profile, not even interacted with it

and buzzly has it now too, lol πŸ™„

put the cactus on the couch since I'm running the Roomba and

hear mia meowling by the dryer, go to pet her, she's actually sitting next to a sock that fell out of the laundry, very concerned

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