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Hi! I'm Emily and I make a comic called Blitz Phoenix, which is about a boy who becomes a guinea pig in his mad-scientist mother's experiments and gets superpowers (which he's really bad at using) and a brain AI, that he never gets along with.

[CW for the comic since the mom is abusive & dogs do get hurt/killed (they're also being experimented on, etc)]

My main masto is @SunScales, but that's kinda private so I wanted a more public account for talking comics!

a really nice thunderstorm just started up ⛈️ 💕

wow i had an idea for like a short thread but apparently i totally forgot it after one tweet, lol

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the one good thing for me this year is i made a goal to read more books and i have definitely done that

in the prev 5 years i started and finished 3 books. This year i've finished 5 so far (2 audio, 3 actual physical books)

I've been trying all morning to just put ONE album on here that I really wanna listen to so I can go walking, lol


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apparently itunes was auto-loading podcasts i never listen to on it, and a ton of episodes for each one 🙄

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I've been trying for the last week to figure out why my ipod was so full of data that I couldn't put any new music on it, considering I only buy maybe 3-5 albums a year

kept trying to delete songs from it & it would say "you're putting too much data on, cant save changes"

i also had only just moved in to my current apartment so i didn't have a couch, only one of those floor video game chair, lol

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I found out that my ipod had some old videos on it of my bird Henry, I thought I'd lost all these

Here he is after he accidentally flipped a thin hairtie over his neck and didn't notice for the first couple minutes

I really appreciate that my phone has decided to become almost non-functional when I'm jobless during a quarantine

The absolute best time, it's not like I'm maybe expecting calls from potential employers or anything ☠️

like something maybe in this coloring style, or my usual coloring style?

something just shoulders up, maybe

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Alright would anyone be interested in like

$20 avatar commissions or something

OKAY it's lightly raining and cool outside so I'm gonna open all my windows for a nice breeze and get to work--


who dumped their potted plant, sans pot, in front of my window

what morning isn't complete without pouring a cup of coffee and staring at it, hating it, not wanting to drink it but i've already come this far ☕

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ok, Im making coffee and getting up

I'm feeling more motivated than I have been in a while so I'm going to make some coffee, pretend it's Monday, and work on some things

I want to get up and do something but I also want to lay in bed

but I also don't want to BE in bed but I'm also very tired

but I also

I'm back in bed trying to sleep bc the point of all this was to not be awake at 5 AM but I can't sleep ☹️

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I stayed up all day yesterday (24 hours) to try to fix my sleep schedule and now I woke up at 4 AM

So I guess... that'll work

Was aiming more for like, 8, but i guess i'll work up to it maybe

Not sure if there's a gentle thunder rumbling outside or if my upstairs neighbor just won't stop opening and closing his patio door

it really could be either at this point

CSP cloud is great except it would really be nice if it like... actually showed me when I got logged out

instead of letting me keep thinking I'm logged in and then give me connectivity errors until I force the app closed

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