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Hi! I'm Emily and I make a comic called Blitz Phoenix, which is about a boy who becomes a guinea pig in his mad-scientist mother's experiments and gets superpowers (which he's really bad at using) and a brain AI, that he never gets along with.

[CW for the comic since the mom is abusive & dogs do get hurt/killed (they're also being experimented on, etc)]

My main masto is @SunScales, but that's kinda private so I wanted a more public account for talking comics!

I just got a new phone and want to finish setting it up but I have to connect the two phones I guess, so my old phone IMMEDIATELY shut down, lmao

look bud you're not recycling yet, I promise, just let me finish

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hey phone, what's your battery life at
phone: "53%!"
cool, please do: a thing
phone: "haha did I say 53% because I meant zero"

Oh hey the sketch in this panel is turning out pretty good 😊

... now to erase it and start over because this character is facing the wrong angle

it smells overwhelmingly of syrup for some reason and made me sneeze

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I was just thinking of how thirsty I am, then I went to the kitchen and there was already a glass of water sitting out for me


or: me forgetting I already got some water bc I was thirsty earlier

Windows: "Your device will restart to update outside of active hours"

foolish windows
All hours are active hours

Actually taking a break would also give me a moment to think about putting some of this extra stuff I've made in preparation for this whole Island Adventure on patreon, too

Should clarify, this immediately is a concern for patrons, but would probably mean the main website also will get pushed back a week at some point.

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maybe instead of trying to force this page out, i should take a week or two off to get my buffer back under control. bc playing catchup constantly sucks.

it sure sucks to realize this right when a page is due but im struggling with this page. so i think i'll do just that.

lordy lordy do i hate designing buildings for a scene

I guess it's going to rain for the next several days, so I'll at SOME point have to carry groceries in the rain

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Disturbed releasing a new cover on friday? does that mean they'll have a new album soon maybe?? πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€

I wanted to go out and get groceries over lunch but now it's POURING rain, so I guess not πŸ˜”

oh shoot I forgot it's labor day

party time

and by party I mean sleep, of course

so, i am learning,

that if i cook something with onions,

the apartment fills with onion smell and i have regrets

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Clip Studio Paint, the photoshop of comic art programs, is on sale again. $25

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