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Wait have I ever told my story about how I very well could have been kidnapped as a child bc of pokemon cards

Bc it's pretty funny

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Hi! I'm Emily and I make a comic called Blitz Phoenix, which is about a boy who becomes a guinea pig in his mad-scientist mother's experiments and gets superpowers (which he's really bad at using) and a brain AI, that he never gets along with.

[CW for the comic since the mom is abusive & dogs do get hurt/killed (they're also being experimented on, etc)]

My main masto is, but that's kinda private so I wanted a more public account for talking comics!

when I first took the packaging off and walked it over to her she gave me a meow like "I've been waiting my whole life for this"

she's napping with it now

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bought mia a new toy, a kicker toy shaped like a squid

it must be a good one bc every time she sees it she meows lol

today's a "dump coffee all over your shirt" kind of day I guess 😑

oh no people are saying the company that makes the dragon shield sleeves lets you make your own with custom art

noooooooo I want that 😟

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this ended up happening three times while making that one page so I just want to throw out that it's a miracle I got last night's Patreon page done in time 😑 pretty sure it's some nasty bug right now so I need to save incessantly on my iPad atm

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hrhghrhghhh someone on Etsy is selling 3d printed deck cases shaped like all the old digivices, including the original tamagotchi 😟

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I'm not entirely sure why but Amazon decided to rec me some card sleeves and they're actually amazing I'm so tempted

I bought a starter deck in Amazon but haven't looked at sleeves and I'm impressed Amazon decided to show me something that actually appeals to me first

had to close csp all the way down to get the layer back. luckily i'd saved not too long ago

i have a hotkey to delete my layer/selection and i thought maybe i'd hit that somehow but it wasn't actually possible from where my hand was

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just had a weird... bug? experience? with csp where it deleted my ink layer while i was in the middle of drawing it and i couldn't ctrl + z to get it back

closing the file without saving and reopening would cause the layer to flash before deleting again

"you NEED to vary them, you can't make a page just full of talking heads" you can eat my entire drawer of socks instead

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deleting another wide jungle panel and replacing it with two portrait shots bc i cannot be bothered to care tonight

lmfao the game let me choose the eggs for both terriermon and lopmon and I was excited!! to have them both!!

but they turned into TOYAGUMON and TOYAGUMON (BLACK) I cannot believe the game game me two of the same fucking mon I trained them differently even

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first time i went to feed my two digimon, one of them didn't like the food, and it just immediately prompted me to scold or praise

and then told me the effects of scolding and they both ate the food

it's really interesting compared to the NO feedback of hte old game

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idk why they felt the need to add voice acting but i disabled it

this game actually tells you what you're doing and how it affects your digimon and i... wonder if i'm going to learn something about the old game from this tbh lol

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this was originally a PSP game but I never had one

only found out they rereleased it on PS4 a few weeks ago and the online store wants SIXTY DOLLARS for it

I heard it's a spiritual sequel to my all time fav game Digimon World 💕

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I just went to put some leftover food in the fridge and heard something glass fall over when I shoved my box back

fished around and found... ???

half of my brain is going "get this" and the other half is going "you can easily make your own with clay" and idk which side is going to win

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