made me smile, made me worry, made me cry a whole day, and showed me things wonderful. Thank you @OweeeeenDennis and your team. We waited like two years, but you made it happen.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines Trailer
I always thought Rosario was THE person to play WonderWoman. This looks great. I love the casting [@amoore9 as Etta is -pitch-perfect]. My *only* problem: I never liked this WW outfit.

I just learned that will be a 10 ep, 5 night limited series. Part of me is real bummed. But another is like, we are so addicted to TV shows that do not even end [even tho they all do].

We are addicted to the ~idea~ that shows will never end. Which comes off as brain-chem-gone-out-of-control to me. And I dont want that.

Official Infinity Train Trailer With Alternative Ending | Cartoon Network Get-On-This--CHOOOO-CHOOO and-then-Yo will never get off it.

SonicTheHedgehog no. 16

Some great art of Eggman in this one. I love the way the artists have his menace oozing off the panels.

I like the turns Flynn is taking on a Sonic adventure and on zombie stories. So far this isnt relying on "oops" infections. But still showing the horror of being infected, and the carelessness of how it spreads.

AdventuresOfTheSupersons no. 10

These chapters roll so nicely into one another, yet still are there own thing. I hate that it was meant to end being only 12 issues. But it is always a ride.

In Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Pivoting to Video Is Perilous This looks really fun. Jimmy doesnt get alot of time lately.

Jimmy doesnt have to be a loser or dweep, but there is nothing wrong with him being unlucky.

Cam upon this illustration by Krisztianna again and its absolutely still a favourite because such practises continue to pervade the animation industry.

You have to see the whole thing to appreciate it :blobaww:

#CharacterDesign #WonderWoman #Korra

This was a good one. 4 short side-stories mostly based on other characters ~somewhere~ in the ongoing story. I love the cover, done by a Japanese artist at game-development group. I always love seeing a story about Blaze, and It Has The Babylon Rouges! And quite a fun Rouge story. Also a really nice, simple moment between the two best buds, Sonic and Tails.

Why it took Facebook so long to act against the doctored Pelosi video As I become more attached to Mastodon, I ask myself how would an instance handle a situation like this. Which of course is different from inst-to-inst.

But a problem on one social media is many times possible on another social media.

no. 31
New starting arch here, and this last page has me real excited. Weird to see Arkham so positive leaning, or at least trying. The inclusion of Matt has been great. Weird that he's less twirpy, but ok. He only got one arch as Robin, but it was such a good commentary on Robin as a title and its history.

And can I take a moment to say how much I am dying because these covers are KILLing it!

#Supergirl this week was fantastic. I really enjoy this season. But there was one moment this week that was ... not strong, kinda cheap, could be better.

STILL *super* excited for what we've seen, and what's to come. But this one thing could have been better in an otherwise powerful moment. #SunlightInEverything

no. 2
Bruno is usually in it to help out. He's not a coward, but he's not brave either. There's usually some kind of "how do I do this?!?" panic on his face. Seeing him so man-of-action here is .. strange. Even when he is panicking, he still looks mostly confident. And it also reflects in his dialog.

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no. 2
Minkyu Jung's art is ok too. Everyone looks like themselves, and the action is well portrayed. Only one problem: Bruno looks like a dude from a 50s comic. Like a hard grizzled PI who's on the case, but just keeping it together. Thing is, is this is kinda out of character for Bruno, or at least it looks .. awkward on him.

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no. 2
So two issues in. I dont envy Saladin Ahmed taking over after Willson's run. He has some big shoes to fill. The writing is alright so far. The plot is carrying along well enough, but the lines are just serviceable. But still feels like how the character's talk.

AgentsOfSHEILD recap, S5 spoilers. Like, all of them. 

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Recap | Earth's Mightiest Show

Sonic's new catchphrase is a mouthful but I think it might catch on

# 30
I was against bringing the Joker back, & still kinda am. But this is still a good story. One about several people dealing with a shared trauma figure returned. And that figure traumatizing someone else.

I like how Dick is giving Bruce -real- pressure about giving Matt wings. That's the perfect person scold him.

It's another season, it's another reason
for *General Services*!
One of my fav new cartoons CupcakeAndDino has a new season on Netflix! Cant freak'n wait!

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