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Actually… the more I look at it the more I wonder if I should find a way to redo the blue lines.

It was *really* hard to see the pattern underneath the fabric when I traced it last night. And the area of the legs is pretty different from the original pattern, and I like the original pattern's proportions better.

But I don't want to have to redo it again. 😭

Decisions decisions…

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Next embroidery project design is on the hoop. Just have to start, now…

This is the first time I'll have done something this involved. I'm inspired by Emillie Ferris' "Paint With Thread" book; she did a similar image with a robin. I thought I'd try it out with a little chickadee instead. ^^


Perhaps it'll be a portrait of Sam? :da_giggle: @FriendsOfSam

I might make the pattern drawing available for download when I'm done. :thinking_rotate:

I hope it works! 🤞 @fiberarts

Okay, I lied. XD Figured I should give some real-world examples so you can see the difference…

I've done some drawing of the underlying anatomy so you can see the difference. It might *look* like the leg is just sticking out of the rib cage when you look superficially, but you'll notice that the shoulder blade and the shape of the shoulder is super important to getting a natural looking pose.

The in-game animal? Not so much… ಠ_ಠ

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Anyway, there's my little animal anatomy pet peeve rant of the day. :da_salute: You may no resume your regular fediverse programming.

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(By the way, the screenshots I used for reference were from a wonderful new animal mod by LeafProductions of a Giant Muntjac, and is not one of the animals that ship with the game: I used them because it was a particularly good example of how wrong some of the ungulates and other animals look with their shoulder animations. I'm not calling out Leaf here, the animals look this way in game because of how the base-game animals themselves are rigged/animated.)

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I've spent a huge part of my art career studying animal and especially hoofed-animal anatomy, and seeing things like this just make me want to cry. ;___;

It's misunderstandings of how animals move and work like this that partly inspired me to make my How-To-Draw Horses Worksheet:

I'm just amazed that a studio that was so keen on getting the animals to look and move right would make such a glaring mistake with the rigging. I don't know how they let it happen!

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is one of my favourite games of all time. It took the Zoo Tycoon formula and made it better, especially with how beautiful and well-realized the animals are. They did such a good job, and deserve all the appreciation for it.

But I do have one HUGE pet peeve…

Whoever rigged their animals for some reason didn't take their shoulder blades into account.

Which means you get beautiful animals like this (first pic), but when they move or lie down they look like this (second pic)…

Finished this one! Trying out some of the floral motifs Emillie Ferris uses in her book "Paint with Thread", even though I drew the pattern myself the designs are all hers.

I really enjoyed this one. :D It's in a 4" diameter hoop, and most of it was stitched with a single thread. I really enjoyed working so intricately. I'd love to do more! :needle: :da_love:


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I watched 3 episodes of Columbo while embroidering this last night. XD (Season 2, episodes 1, 2, and 3.) Embroidering with just one thread takes forever, but it's so relaxing and meditative! :da_love:

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My wonderful sister bought me the step-by-step embroidery book "Paint with Thread" by Emillie Ferris. It's absolutely gorgeous, just a lovely little book. I wanted to do some embroidery but didn't want to do anything too complicated, so I tried recreating a few of the floral motifs she uses in her patterns.

It's a WIP, obviously, but I •love• working with one thread. The teeny details are my favourite. :da_love:


UPDATE: I ordered the Gaomon AP50 pen, it arrived today. I unpacked it and turned on my Huion Kamvas Pro 20 (2019), and the AP50 pen worked with it right out of the box. No fiddling needed! Custom button mapping matches the old pen, too!

So that's great! I now have two pens that I can switch in and out if I need to. :da_grin:

Only thing: The Gaomon pen doesn't feel any different from the Huion PW507. :\

Still a worthy experiment, though! 💪

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I thought I'd try to distract myself by doing some still life painting.

I haven't done any painting like this in… many many years. I'm trying new things. There's a lot wrong with this, but I'm proud of myself for trying and practicing. :da_cuddle:

The *only* thing we (my S.O. and I) have found online that suggests there's an alternative is this comment on a Reddit thread:

I don't know if I should trust one Reddit rando about whether this works when they don't cite anything, and everywhere I look the Gaomon AP50 Stylus says it's not compatible with other brands of tablet.

Well, maybe it's worth the $40 to find out? ^^;

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So, yeah, my question is: Does anyone know of a third-party pen that is compatible with the Kamvas 20 Pro that has a better feel to it?

I remember a lot of the old non-wacom tablet monitors used similar digitizers, allowing people to purchase whichever third-party stylus they liked best.

But I haven't been able to find anything definitive online about what would be compatible, if anything. :(

Any ideas? (I'd ask @FRENDEN, but I don't think he's active here anymore!)

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Here's a question:

A few months ago I treated myself to a Huion Kamvas Pro 20 (2019) tablet monitor. So far, I love it a lot!

The only issue is the pen. :\ The tip is terribly spongy, and it rattles a little bit, causing it to squeak when I push down. I find myself always pushing down on it to full pressure because it's the only way the tip feels stable/accurate, and it's killing my hands. (Changing the pressure sensitivity using software doesn't change the hardware, which is the problem.)

It's from this stock image from DeviantART:

I saved it in my reference folder soooo many years ago. XD

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I also finished playing through Strange Horticulture the other night.

It was SO my speed. Such satisfying puzzles and an intriguing (and dark) story, beautiful visuals, and it never punishes you for going slow and taking your time with it.

It also has eight different endings depending on your choices, which is super exciting!

Here's their website if you want more info:

I'm having so much fun with Dinkum, y'all.

It's basically Animal Crossing, but with some Stardew Valley elements. And VERY Aussie. :da_ahoy:

It's so sweet and charming, and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up on Early Access on Steam if you like! There's also a pretty useful modding community on Nexus for it already! (I found the fishing mini-game particularly punishing, so it's nice to be able to tweak it. 😊)

Susan Seddon Boulet. For quite a few years of my teens I would ONLY have wall calendars with her work on them. So dreamy and beautiful!


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