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Tyrus Wong, a truly masterful artist known for his pastel works and the concept art he did for Disney's "Bambi".


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I'm going to start a thread here sharing art and images that never stop inspiring me, whether it's the masterful line work, composition, stylization, use of colour, whatever… here are some pretty things that I can always go back to when I need a pick-me-up of inspiration. ^^

Let's start with: Coles Phillips! Famous for his "Fadeaway Girls" of the early 20th century.


Accidentally posted the first sketch as followers only, whoops. Here it is again in boost-able form.

[Hidden for eye contact.]

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Hmm… do I play more Sims 4 with the new expansion, or more Dinkum, the awesome Aussie Animal Crossing-like? :thinking_rotate:


It was only a matter of time before my embroidery projects melded with pokémon in some way… :da_plot:

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Aaaaand here's another quick embroidery I whipped up last night. :needle:

Once again, there are things I wish I'd done differently, and things that didn't look as nice as I'd hoped, but it was fun to do nonetheless. :da_grin:

It's the "Hanging Plant" pattern from here:

"Reblog"… I've been spending too much time on Simblr. :blobpatpat:

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Okay, here's one you can all reblog if you want. :da_sweat:

My finished strawberry! Using stitches that were new to me: Trellis stitches, raised-leaf stitches, couched outlines, and woven picots (both attached and detached).

A fun exercise/experiment! :needle:

Just Lilith Pleasant, looking stoned out of her mind, taking her very good dog Laserwolf out for a walk

The only downsides I can see are having to wait maybe a teensy bit longer for the next Mastodon updates to trickle down, and it'll also be more expensive each month (I pay €5 per month right now which is easy to cover myself, but migrating to a Hometown setup would raise the cost to €16/month)… but I think the benefits might be really nice?

Anyway, I'd be really interested to hear all your thoughts on whether it would be worth it or not! :camp_counselor:

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I was very fond of this slide from the end of the presentation:

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Been musing about the idea of migrating ComicsCamp.Club to a Hometown fork…

What do all my fellow campers think? 🏕️

Also, if there's anyone out there already running a Hometown instance, what are your experiences with it? Would you recommend it?

You can see the major differences compared with Mastodon and learn more about the fork here:

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