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Made this Autumn-y Sims Edit recently, and folks on Tumblr seemed to like it, so here it is. ^^

Going back to my roots by shading with multiply layers, colour-grading with gradient maps, and using Photoshop CS5 filters for edginess. :dance_cool_doge:

(Hey, when all I have is my mouse to edit with, I take shortcuts. :P)

[Marked sensitive for eye contact. <3]

Wrote a thing on my website about why I've all but disappeared from most social media and the art world recently:

Most of y'all know why, it's the fatigue issues, but this gives more info for those who are curious.

Lots of love! <3

Another old drawing from 2015. I love me some Pippin content. πŸ₯°

[And it's actual physical media, dang 😲]

Also a reminder that this exists:


A helpful .pdf of notes and tips for drawing horses, for only $1 or however much you think it's worth. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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Spent some time today cleaning and refilling my bird feeders. The last seed cylinders I had got soaked after a rain storm, so I had to throw them out. πŸ˜’ I've raised my last suet cylinder up a bit to try and keep it out of any more rain. We'll see how it goes. ^^;

The window tray feeder with the sunflower seeds runs out at least once a week. The chickadees and Franklin the nuthatch are insatiable. :chickadee:

Had some fun today making some occult Sims and making some little portraits of them.


(I still regularly post Sims 4 stuff to my Simblr, here: )

[Hidden for eye contact, a small amount of blood, and stylized facial scars.]

Two sketches from the last two months. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Still trying to get back into it. <3

[These hardly seem worth tagging, but ah well, there ya' go!]

Hey, folks! The Critical Hit Show starts in about an hour, at 8pm PST!

You'll likely love it if you enjoy improv and fantasy TTRPGs like D&D! They've been putting on this show in person for 9(!!) years at the Rio Theatre here in Vancouver, but you can see it for free on Twitch tonight as they stream it live from their homes!

Tune in here:

More info at:


Also also, this is the first real downpour we've had for *months*.

It feels so nice. 😭

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Also, the house sparrows have found my bird feeder! :D The chickadees still won't touch it, but I'm glad the sparrows like it.

The chickadees still go nuts for the black oil sunflower seeds in my tray feeder, so at least they have something. ^^

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I've got mushrooms growing in my little fern/moss garden! :D

I have no idea if mushrooms are good for the plants, but they're isolated to this one planter for now and the make me so happy to see, so whatever. X)

I knit a toe!! :da_la: Using German Short Rows no less!! I'm so excited, this is the first 3D thing I've ever made, here's hoping I don't screw it up from here. X) :knitting:

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Both soles finished!! Just have to wait for my new crochet hooks to arrive... Arrrrrggghhh, why does international shipping have to take so long 😀

:knitting: :ball_of_yarn: :needle:

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