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More garden adventures…! Finally got my heather plants (four different varieties!) in their planter. 💪

Also replanted my Korean Fir and my rosemary in their own pots, which was long overdue. Hopefully they'll be much happier with the extra space to grow!

Also filled the final red planter with soil, but I don't know what to put in there yet. Nearly time for another trip to the garden store, methinks… :da_plot:

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My good friend Aoife asked me to draw a portrait icon of her for her Twitch channel, and this is what I came up with. ^^

CW for drawn/cartoony eye contact.

The nice thing about windy days is that branches and moss bits fall from the trees and I don't feel guilty taking them home to feed my growing moss garden collection :da_la:

Soup is the only time I've ever given a Pokémon an Everstone. I just can't give up that adorable face…!!

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It doesn't look like much, but planting these two was a LOT of work. :da_sweat:

First pic shows the green onions and sweet peas. I cut the green onions back to start them fresh, and I've frozen what I harvested.

The second pic shows the sage, garlic chives, thyme, lemon thyme, and oregano.

I'm *so* glad to have these done, but oi, I'm ready to fall over now… :snorlax:

✨ 🌱 ✨

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Also, a little tip:

Doing emojo searches for popular far-right memes/characters/phrases is super useful for searching out shitty instances to block. 👍

I should figure out some kind of moss emojo for , too… :thinking_rotate:

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New emojo alert

:hummingbird: :hummingbird: :hummingbird:

(I might redo the image at some point, probably draw my own, but until then this will do. ^^)

My little bag of goodies I ordered from Shing Yin Khor's online shop arrive today, and I'm absolutely in love :da_love:

The round thing is a Gnome Divination Device. :da_la: You can grab one of your own here: 🌿

Also, you should totally be supporting Shing on Patreon (if you can/want to!). They post the best things, and they've been such a source of comfort for me this past year! 💚


This is an old WIP that's been hanging around since ~2016. I'd love to see someone do *something* with it! :da_sweat:

Even with the perspective being HORRENDOUS, hahaha! XD

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Flashback to the time I drew the cyndaquilavapholosions

Quilava is definitely one of my favourite pokemon, I love the attitude. :D

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