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It doesn't look like much, but planting these two was a LOT of work. :da_sweat:

First pic shows the green onions and sweet peas. I cut the green onions back to start them fresh, and I've frozen what I harvested.

The second pic shows the sage, garlic chives, thyme, lemon thyme, and oregano.

I'm *so* glad to have these done, but oi, I'm ready to fall over now… :snorlax:

✨ 🌱 ✨

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Also, a little tip:

Doing emojo searches for popular far-right memes/characters/phrases is super useful for searching out shitty instances to block. 👍

I should figure out some kind of moss emojo for , too… :thinking_rotate:

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New emojo alert

:hummingbird: :hummingbird: :hummingbird:

(I might redo the image at some point, probably draw my own, but until then this will do. ^^)

My little bag of goodies I ordered from Shing Yin Khor's online shop arrive today, and I'm absolutely in love :da_love:

The round thing is a Gnome Divination Device. :da_la: You can grab one of your own here: 🌿

Also, you should totally be supporting Shing on Patreon (if you can/want to!). They post the best things, and they've been such a source of comfort for me this past year! 💚


This is an old WIP that's been hanging around since ~2016. I'd love to see someone do *something* with it! :da_sweat:

Even with the perspective being HORRENDOUS, hahaha! XD

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Flashback to the time I drew the cyndaquilavapholosions

Quilava is definitely one of my favourite pokemon, I love the attitude. :D

I'm trying to figure out if I can start planting anyway, and just do one planter at a time as I get filler for them, but I just can't seem to come to a decision of which one to plant first.

That, and I can't figure out a good way/place to mount the bird feeder I bought, so I'm feeling all defeated-like.

A nice balcony garden will happen, but not quite yet, it seems…

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Went on an expedition yesterday to the Dollar Store (and other places), hoping to score some pool noodles to use in my planter pots. Unfortunately, it's still too early for pool noodles to be in stock, so I was out of luck.

They were selling cheap styrofoam globes, so I bought eight of those. Felt like a lot, walking home with them in a giant bag; but they only fill one and a half of my six planters. :lies_down:

I feel thwarted. >:[

It's exhausting, honestly. Even now I can think back to some other cartoons I haven't seen since I was ~7-10 yo, and I can still hear some lines from them in perfect clarity in my head. Watching them again would only stamp them in there, and I have no idea how long they'll be stuck repeating themselves.

Does anyone else get this?

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There are other old cartoons and movies I'd like to rewatch from my childhood, but right now it just feels exhausting. What if it gets stuck in my brain again like this one has?

I was planning to rewatch Disney movies in chronological order. But after watching Pinnochio, I have Honest John's songs stuck in my head and I'm preemptively getting lines from Cinderella repeating themselves even though I haven't seen it for literal decades. I'm now rethinking my plans. ^^;

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I can hear with perfect clarity Mickey and Goofy singing their song "Like a King" from the beginning. I can hear the weasel mocking Pete saying "You're gonna get it, you're gonna get it, n-n-n-n-n'yeh-n'yeh!" I can hear Pete shouting "Seize HIM! He's the imposter!" With pitch-perfect intonation. It just won't leave my brain, the whole movie has been playing over and over and over…!

I get this from old movies and cartoons a lot, but this is a particularly strong case. ^^;

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So you know earworms? I get those most often not from music, but from movies/video/animation.

Last week I watched a 25-minute cartoon called "The Prince and the Pauper" (1990) by Disney. It was a cartoon I had on VHS as a kid, and I watched it over, and over, and over again. The last time was ~ when I was 8-10 years old, so 1996-98.

Watching it again, I remembered every. Sound. Every line of dialogue. Every musical sting.

Since watching it, it's been playing in an unbroken loop in my head.

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