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That being said, I have a list of creative/artistic instances here: That really badly needs updating. :(

What are some creative/artistic instances you know about that are run by great people? I'm going to need some help building a more up-to-date list.

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I love that there *are* some art-focused instances out there! Like for animators or

I kind of dream of a community of artistic instances that share a Code of Conduct or common ideals that support each other, so people can feel safe moving from one to the other to find which one works best for them.

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The world of art-focused instances on Mastodon is surprisingly small, which is rather sad considering how exciting a whole community of different artistic instances would be.

Whether they're for specific mediums/crafts/genres, or just with different aesthetics or feel to the community… gosh, I would love that.

.ART shouldn't be the *only* art instance people know of and gravitate to. It's partly why I started ComicsCamp.Club. But I don't have the spoons to run more than I already do. :(

Okay, I went ahead and published it. 😄

You can get my Portrait Replacement Mod here:

Should be up to date with SDV v1.5! :da_w00t:

Working hard on getting these all updated for the new update… ^^

Lots of work left to do yet. X)

Remember, you don't have to be "out" to be trans/enby/queer and worthy of love and pride. Do what's safest and right for you, and there will be folks out there supporting you.

Take care! :da_cuddle:

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You rock, Elliot Page, and all you other awesome trans and enby folks out there.

:heart_trans: :heart_trans:

So much love! :heart_hands:

Sims 4 - Mid-Century Modern Build 

Some screenshots of the house I've been working on pretty much all day. :da_sweat: Still not done. :da_faint:

You can see more screenshots here:

Sims 4 stuff 

I decided to make a new Tumblr account so I could reply/message/follow people using my Simblr as my main blog rather than being forced to use my ancient art blog as my main. :da_faint:

So, it's close, but here's the REAL simblr link:

(The CC hairline I made gets posted tomorrow.)

I'm actually absurdly proud of this stupid blog. Good lord.

Sims 4 Self-Sim Picture [CW: Near EC] 

Took this fun picture of my updated self-sim for the blag. I thought it was sweet, so I thought I'd share it here, too. :)

Still doesn't look an awful lot like me, but ah well. XD

Sims 4 Custom Content 

For anyone interested, I posted this CC hairline on my brand new Simblr right here:

I hope it works out for you! Let me know if you use it for anything. :D

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Sims 4 - My first piece of CC! 

I might make a couple more before I release them, just so I have more to share. ^^ We'll see how it goes!

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Sims 4 - My first piece of CC! 

I *may* have made my first piece of Sims 4 custom content… 👀💦

It's a hairline. :da_sweat: Since I can't get enough of the Setsuki hairlines but the low res is bothering me… I've got to figure out where and how I'm going to post this now, too. :da_faint:

Also, have some slow motion .gifs of Aila playing with leaves 🍂

Plus a bonus peets. :3

[CW: Animated gifs]

Some more succulent shots. ✨ :succulent:

First pic is my little nursery. Lots of little babies growing in there. 😁

Second is a close up of the little rock planter by the window. 🙌 💚

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Sending lots of love to you all. 💜

Take care of yourselves! :da_cuddle:

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